Day In The Life Of A Wedding Celebrant

Wedding Celebrant, Jennifer, with Bridge and Groom

They say every day is different, and this couldn’t be more true for a wedding celebrant. There’s no set ‘office’, it can be anywhere from a garden, to a festival, to a beach, to a hotel. Mixing that with meeting couples, writing scripts and doing admin, being a celebrant is as varied as it gets!…

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Law Commission Recommendations Published

So the wait is over, the review of the Marriage Act 1949 has been completed and recommendations passed over to government. And guess what? It’s positive for Independent Celebrants in England and Wales and for couples across the country. For 70 years, the marriage act has excluded the recognition of multi-faith, non faith, secular or…

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How to have a stand out celebrant website

Having a stand out celebrant website can be the difference between getting the bookings you want or waiting on enquiries. It is the shopfront to your celebrant business and one of the main tools you have to impress, before you meet a client in person. At the Academy of Modern Celebrancy , in addition to…

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How to build a full time celebrant business

Is it really possible to work full time as a celebrant? Are you able to work during the week as a funeral celebrant and weekends as a wedding celebrant? The answer: you absolutely can! Celebrants can, and do, take ceremonies throughout the year; building a full-time income doing something they love. Of course, the beauty…

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Is it time to invest in your career as a celebrant?


Is it time to invest in your career? Maybe you are newly retired but would love to meet new and interesting people and earn a salary whilst working part-time? You might be a new mum eager to return to work but looking for a job that will fit your lifestyle and new family. Whatever your…

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World Celebrants Week 2021


If you’ve read our blogs before, you’ll probably know how much we love to talk about the world of celebrancy. With that being said, we’re thrilled to announce that there is now a designated week to celebrate the world of celebrants! The first ever world celebrants week takes place from today until the 21st November. This means there’s now an entire…

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What is the difference between a celebrant and a registrar?

celebrant led wedding ceremony

One of the biggest confusions and misconceptions is the difference between celebrants and registrars. The difference between the two roles often gets misconstrued, so let’s clear everything up.  Firstly, let’s start off by saying that celebrants and registrars both want you to enjoy your ceremony. However, despite their shared interest, the service they offer can…

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Why It Might Be The Time For A Career In Celebrancy

Celebrant Led Wedding In Mountains

We’ve spoken countless times before about how great celebrancy is and how rewarding the career path can be. The fulfilling nature of becoming a celebrant has led to countless people choosing to change career and pursue this full time. With the uncertainty surrounding the economy and the world of work at the moment, you may feel at a…

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Celebrancy -The Importance Of Loving Your Job

Celebrancy - The Importance Of Loving You Job

It’s common knowledge that being happy at work and loving what you do is a sure-fire way to be successful and productive. Many people chase money and recognition, whilst allowing their fulfilment and happiness to suffer. The world of celebrancy offers you both! People who genuinely love what they do allow their passion to transition…

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Why Celebrants Are Increasing In Popularity

Before we cover the surging demand for celebrants and why they’re increasing in popularity, let’s discuss what a celebrant is and why they differ to traditional alternatives like a registrar or clergy member. Okay, so a celebrant is an individual who officiates at a ceremony. This can range from things like weddings and civil partnerships, to funerals and naming ceremonies. As you’re probably…

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