The only group programme to accelerate and power up your Celebrant business


What if you could:

  • Stop worrying about when the next booking would come in and actually go full-time with the business you love?

  • Reach the point where you were turning away couples and families because you were seriously in demand?

  • Easily understand how to market yourself without spending hours googling how?

  • Get everything you need to market your business yourself in one place with a step-by-step programme focused 100% on your industry?


Guess What?You Can.

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Once you’ve learnt the foundations of marketing a successful Celebrant business, just watch those bookings roll in.

When I started my business in 2010, I received just 5 bookings in my first year. I sat behind my desk waiting on enquiries and was disappointed that, after replying to an enquiry, they didn’t choose me as their Celebrant.

I was working a full time corporate job travelling back and forth to London each week. Trains and tubes were my life, and I just wished for the day I could say bye bye to the rat race, and take my Celebrant business full time.

This is when I went back to basics and transferred my corporate marketing management skills into my business. I took control, listened, learnt and took chances.

In the second year of my business, I went from 5 bookings to fully booked.

No joke.

I doubled my prices too and my business boomed.

I didn’t do anything that was hard, complicated or out of reach. I scheduled, strategized and was determined. Want to know what really changed for me? I wanted it. Not just in the ok maybe tomorrow type way, but I really wanted to change my life and take my Celebrant business seriously.

I loved officiating and creative writing and saw no reason why I couldn’t do this full time.

I quit my full time job, I focussed hard, grew my reputation and starting making serious money.

i made it happen and there is absolutely no reason why you can't too.

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"Without Jennifer's courses I would be nowhere"

"I have also done the Celebrant Success Accelerator course, Celebranttopia and she designed my website - does that make me a fan?

I concur with everything you say Wendy, without Jennifer's courses, I'd be nowhere!"

– Sharon Gordon

Is this you?

  • You’re watching other Celebrants post on Facebook that they are fully booked for the wedding season and you wonder how they do it?

  • You don’t have a distinctive enough brand and feel like you don’t stand out?

  • You don’t have a strategy and have no idea where to start when it comes to marketing?

  • You want to take a holiday in peak wedding season but too afraid of losing out on a booking?

  • You’d love to make enough income from your Celebrant business to do this full time and stop working a job you don’t love?

  • You’re nervous that you won’t get any work from funeral directors and you don’t know where else to turn?

  • You spend hours googling how to get more likes on Facebook or get your favourite venue to notice you on Instagram?

Just imagineFinally, a business with financial rewards...

  • You get more income in each month than you do working full time.

  • You have a big list of suppliers and venues using you as their recommended Celebrant - You become THE go to Celebrant in your local area

  • You stand by your website and brand with pride and stop wasting time struggling to work out the best place to market yourself.

  • You understand exactly how to market your own business and the work starts to flow in more consistently


You get: ALL of this in one place by an industry expert and Celebrant!

The Celebrant Success Accelerator Course teaches you how to do this.Step by step.

Unlock Your Potential


Even if you’ve never heard of SEO

Celebrant Success Accelerator works for newbies and marketing savvy Celebrants alike. We start from the beginning and end at the top. Modern marketing techniques change all the time so each part of the course will be relevant to all.

Even if you don’t have a brand yet

Not sure what a brand is or whether you have one? You have a logo but no real consistent style? We will cover how to get there in this course so you can wow your potential clients

Even if you have a growing social media presence

This course uses the latest social media algorithms and training so you stay ahead of the game and grow your influence online even further than before. Get ready to overtake.


"I'm now receiving bookings from my ideal client"

– Gaynor Stickles

So what does this 10 week course look like?

Module 1The Foundations

How to set goals that are ambitious but realistic

How to set a workable strategy for the next 6 months & use it

Exactly how you can stand out from a crowded market with insider secrets

How to find out who your target market is & where to find them

Module 2Mastering Branding & Website

What is a brand and how to get the best out of it

How to connect with your ideal client

What makes up a good website that converts & gets the bookings you want

What is SEO and a step by step guide into how to use it to get on page 1 & above your competition

Easy to use graphic design training so you can have a consistent brand

Module 3Social Media Takeover

How to optimise and master Facebook & Twitter to attract clients

How to use each platform to sell

How to book clients through Instagram

How to increase website traffic through Pinterest

How to schedule to mitigate overwhelm

How to choose the right platforms for you

Module 4PR & Blogging to build your reputation

How to write a powerful press release

How to get yourself in the media

A deep dive into blogging with example blogs & how to get key media contacts

How to network and get your name known offline

How to approach industry influencers so they promote you

Easy to use graphic design training so you can have a consistent brand

Module 5Getting the Business side Solid

How to price yourself in the Celebrant market

How to schedule time for marketing

How to upsell your services

How to create packages that sell

How to easily become an industry influencer

How to keep the admin side easy and effective

Module 6Confidence & Mindset for Success

How to gain confidence in your offering

How to diversify your income

When to take the plunge and go to the next level in your business

How to network and get bookings

How to get bookings each and every day of the week



Katie Tovey-GrindlaySocial Media Coach from Business Wonderland .

Specialising in Mastering Facebook

Worth £297


Helen PritchardOnline Business Coach

All Round Genius on getting leads from Linkedin.

Worth £297


Bernadette ChapmanOwner of The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners

How to get bookings from wedding planners.

Worth £500


Laura BrownDirector of Introtweet

Simplifying Twitter for Success.

Worth £500


Zoe PainesPR Consultant

How to Get Noticed Using PR & exactly how to put together a press release that works.

Worth £300


Amanda HeischerNew York Branding Specialist

How to create a brand visual that makes you stand out.

Worth £600


Eddette SteynburgInstagram Coach with 12k followers

There is nothing she doesn't know about Instagram and reveals how to build your following and fast.

Worth £500


Amber TimerityBlogging and Pinterest Strategist

Blogging and Pinterest Strategist with 1.1million monthly viewers.

Worth £500

And so much more powerful content...

Time to take your business forward in a course that is dedicated and targeted to you! I’m passionate about your success.
The time is now.

nick-morrison-FHnnjk1Yj7Y-unsplash copy

This course gives you everything you need to know to build your business in one, easy to digest, supportive place.

NO need to...

  • Continue to google and getting lost online finding out how to optimise Facebook.

  • Spend hours finding your feet on Twitter.

  • Feel overwhelmed by SEO.

  • Procrastinate any longer.

It's here -One place for you to focus for less than the cost of 2 ceremony bookings. No brainer right?

Lisa Wilson

"Within 3 months, I've achieved my income targets for the whole year

– Lisa Wilson

The Expereince

Celebrant Success Accelerator course is only for Celebrants who are committed to growing their business 100%. The course is run in a members only area with group video training. There are 12 x training sessions launched directly into a private membership area, along with the FANTASTIC and life changing guest speakers.

Free from distractions, just for group participants. Each training comes with an overview and downloadable workbooks.

Every Friday there will be a LIVE Group Coaching Session with myself (**LIVE COURSE ONLY) and bonus industry influencers to give you the inside scoop. There will be unlimited contact in the Facebook group for any questions or support for the full 10 weeks of the programme.

The training takes place over 10 weeks and you will have unlimited contact and support within the group. Plus 2 extra weeks of support in the group. I will be there every day to answers your questions and congratulate you on your progress! (**Live course only)

It's powerful training and you will see results.


"The Celebrant Sucess Accelerator course not only helped me launch, it shot me stratospherically back into the world I love so much"

Launching any enterprise is daunting. When you are a one-woman business it can be lonely... am I priced right?... am I getting my message across ok?...how can I improve?

Now I blog for some of the biggest online wedding magazines. I have established contacts in the wedding press and with top destination wedding photographers and other suppliers. But above all, I am getting bookings! Elopements! Vow Renewals! Wedding Ceremonies! Even a Flashmob Wedding!

And yes, some funeral Celebrations of Life too. All roads and life experiences have lead to this moment. I am constantly learning and evolving. I love my vocation. I am super excited about what the future holds.

– Debbie Skyrme


Whats Included

  • 12 Comprehensive deep dive video training sessions with Jennifer

  • Over 20 hours of training from guest experts who know how to succeed in this market

  • (Live course only) 10 Zoom live group Q&A calls with unlimited questions

  • 12 downloadable workbooks, full to the brim of quick wins & action steps

  • 8 incredible bonuses to take your business to the next level

  • A private VIP FB group, Celebrant Sucess insider, with 24/7 access to Jennifer Claire

  • Unlimited support from Jennifer via email for 10 weeks


" I can barely keep up with enquiries"

It's only Tuesday and this week has gone off the scale already! I can barely keep up with enquiries! Great complaint. And I will have a feature in my local paper new week and the online article for RSVP magazine has been so positively received. I'm pinching myself to make sure it is all real! Thank you Jennifer for everything you've taught me. You are most definitely my guru!

– Niamh Nic Giolla Riabhaigh



This is a self study course so you can start when you are ready to accelerate!


The lives are for students that join the live programme. You have access to previous student lives and can watch the recordings and learn everything at your own pace.


We will have a live Q&A in the group each Friday. This is so you can ask any questions from the weeks topic. A recording of this will be saved in the group.


The course will be taught within the FB group and all recordings will be available. You can choose to join live or catch up when you have clear space to focus on the content. This course is available to you all year round and you will have lifetime access to the group.


Due to the low price of this course, no refunds are provided.


Choose how you’d like to join and your payment preference and you’re in! I will email you through a welcome pack and some worksheets to complete before we start. Get ready for an amazing ride!

Gwyneth Owen Jackson

" I wish I had known so much of this when I was beginning

I've learnt so much from this course, it has definitely changed the way I look at things, the way I think about my business and some of the ways in which I work.

I'd recommend the course to celebrants who are just starting out, I wish I'd know so much of this when I was beginning, but also to those who've been going for a while and need that extra push to develop their business.

– Gwyneth Owen Jackson

The time is now to take control and grow the business you love.

Is this course for me?

Modern marketing techniques are key to a successful Celebrant business. It is absolutely essential, as the industry grows, to know where and how to do this and do it well so you stand out.

This course is for Celebrants that want to know how to stand out from the crowd. It is for Celebrants that know their worth but just aren’t getting to the level they deserve. Do you want a thriving business? Would you like to have the reputation as the leading Celebrant in your region? This all comes from how you market yourself.

Why spend out on multiple courses or spend hours googling techniques when this course has it all in one? It is also targeted to YOU and your Celebrant business from a digital marketing and Celebrant industry specialist so there is no better way to learn.

You have two choices ...

One is to keep trying to work things out yourself, googling and watching tutorials that aren't tailored to the celebrant industryor

you can take a faster route, learn from my 12 years of experience in the industry charging over £800 an hour .... this will save you time and it's especially for you.

Get to KnowJennifer Claire

Jennifer is a Celebrant Success Coach and the founder of The Celebrant Directory, a search and review site dedicated to Celebrants, promoting and supporting hundreds globally. She is also a very sought after UK and destination Wedding Celebrant. Since 2010, Jennifer has officiated hundreds of high end UK and European weddings.

In 2020, Jennifer launched The Academy of Modern Celebrancy, the leading provider in online celebrant training that focuses on not only becoming a celebrant but being a successful business owner too.

Jennifer is a speaker and workshop leader for Celebrants, along with The Wedding Industry Awards judge for the Celebrant Category.

Jennifer is a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) digital marketing specialist with 11 years commercial experience and is the founder of Jennifer Claire Media, an agency focused on web design and digital marketing for wedding professionals. She also runs two award winning blogs and four successful Facebook pages with over 4k members and followers, one of which is Modern Celebrant Connection, a group dedicated to providing the tools and resources for Celebrants to grow their businesses.

Jennifer is an avid promoter of Celebrancy, a desired industry speaker and CPD trainer, and works tirelessly to support the growth of the industry.

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There is one more thing to consider


For less than the cost of 2 ceremony bookings, you'll make your investment back in no time. No brainer, right?