Do UK Wedding Celebrants Need Training?


    A career as a Celebrant is a hugely rewarding one, filled to the brim with creativity and joy, but getting started on the right path can be overwhelming. We’ve got you. Start here, and find out all you need to know.

    How do I become a Wedding Celebrant in the UK?

    While no official Wedding Celebrant qualifications are needed to become a Celebrant, training with a supportive organisation will give you a strong foundation to get started with your business.

    Take time to check out Wedding Celebrant websites, as well as the different Celebrant training on offer. Find something that fits your goals, your lifestyle and budget, and make sure you’re joining a community that will support you long-term. A Wedding Celebrant qualification can really elevate you in the industry, as well as reassuring your couples that you know what you’re doing!

    How much can I earn as a Celebrant in the UK?

    Modern Celebrancy is a vibrant and viable full-time career option, and self-employment can be a really empowering way of working.

    As a Celebrant, you are in control; you choose how much you put into your business, how many ceremonies you take on, and how many hours you put into your work. Generally, a Wedding Celebrant can expect to charge between £500 and £1,500 a ceremony, and you’ll be able to work out what price best fits your business, your style, and your location.

    There are also a number of ways to diversify your income; collaborations, talks and workshops, for example. You may also choose to train as a Funeral Celebrant, which will expand booking opportunities and consequently, what you earn.

    The Academy of Modern Celebrancy Wedding Celebrant Training & Certification

    The AMC is the training provider for the modern Celebrant. Led by an experienced team of successful Celebrants, the Wedding Celebrant training provided by the AMC is designed for your long-term success.

    You’ll be empowered to deliver beautiful, bespoke ceremonies with confidence, and be given the tools to establish and grow your business. A certification from the AMC is a recognisable badge-of-honour, establishing you as a legitimate, skilled and creative full-time Celebrant.

    The online Celebrant training can be done at your own pace, without any compromise to the teaching and support you receive. Everything has been created for you, with 1-2-1 and group training included, so you can learn regardless of what style you prefer. This, coupled with personal, exclusive mentoring from a qualified Celebrant, means that you receive comprehensive training with no compromise.

    It can be daunting venturing into self-employment, but getting your Celebrant business off the ground is made so much easier thanks to access to tailored resources, guides and webinars to get you started and keep you going. You’ll have access to this, and to personal support, 24/7, and you’ll be invited to join our exclusive Facebook group, where you can share successes and ask advice from other AMC graduates.

    Why choose The Academy of Modern Celebrancy?

    Training with the AMC will give you the skills needed to thrive as a modern Celebrant.

    Step-by-step, the courses give you all the resources you need to build a business, and teach you how to be the celebrant you’ve always wanted to be.

    As well as the support, resources, and training, AMC partners with the global The Celebrant Directory, the Give Couples Choice Movement and its founder is the leading Celebrant Success Coach, each working to promote the profession, support and grow celebrant businesses and dedicating time, money and space to ensuring celebrants get the bookings they deserve.

    We are a recognised centre with the National Open Network College, NOCN and can provide you with the additional course training to become NOCN qualified.

    Plus, you get 3 months free advertising in The Celebrant Directory when you become accredited.

    Get started now! Enrol today.

    Jennifer Claire

    Jennifer is the Director of the leading celebrant training company, The Academy of Modern Celebrancy as well as the Founder of The Celebrant Directory, supporting over 600 celebrants globally.

    Jennifer run a 2.5k community of celebrants who she dedicates her time to helping them grow their businesses and taking celebrancy from a hobby to a lifestyle.

    Jennifer heads up the global Celebrant Industry Awards and the global celebrant summit, Celebrantopia each year!

    A celebrant herself since 2010, she knows what it takes to make it in the industry and trains the best celebrants out there across the UK, Europe and the USA.

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