What should a wedding celebrant wear?


    We’ve all been there. First day of a new job and no idea what to wear. Well, imagine being a wedding celebrant and having this dilemma as often as every other weekend!

    Since the days of conforming to a registrar-style trouser suit have long gone (hello personality!), there is just so much to consider when choosing an outfit. So, we’ve put together this helpful little guide to ensure you nail the perfect look for each and every ceremony.

    Aim to look professional

    Although not all weddings may be “formal” as such, it’s important to remember that you are still offering a professional service, regardless of whether you are delivering a ceremony in a circus tent, or at the most regal of stately manors.

    But fear not, this doesn’t mean you have to revert to dressing in every dreary shade of beige. What it does mean is, you need to dress appropriately for the occasion, as you want your professionalism to shine through in all aspects of your service, including what you wear.

    Regardless of any themes, ask yourself the questions, do I look neat, feel comfortable and ready to marry a couple in front of all of their friends and family? If the answer is no, then it’s back to the drawing board!

    Don’t outdo the wedding party

    Even though conducting a ceremony definitely feels like your big moment (and it totally is!), sadly, you have to remember this isn’t your day.

    So, when choosing your outfit you don’t want it to make you the centre of attention. Of course, you are still allowed to look lovely, but try to pick something beautifully simple that is not going to detract from the happy couple.

    We suggest opting for outfits free from a pattern and that use a single colour palette. It’s also best to avoid white at all costs (unless the bride states otherwise!) and keep the glitz to a minimum. You can sparkle and shine through your ceremony words instead!

    Match the formality of the event

    Matching the formality of the event is another way to stop yourself from drawing too much attention away from the couple. Consider the venue, its location and any themes. For instance, if there’s a black tie dresscode, think formal evening dresses. If the wedding is taking place on a beach abroad, then floaty dresses and elegant linens would work perfectly.

    Also, keep in mind the style of your couple. If they are going to be wearing the traditional dress and suit combo then you need to match this level of formality. Whereas, if they are ones for ripping up the rule book, then it’s time to let loose and do it too!

    Ask the engaged couple for ideas

    It’s always a good idea to ask the couple if they have any preferences on what they would like you to wear at their ceremony. Some might have a specific dress code or theme that they want all their guests to join in on, or they might just have some suggestions of things they would like you to avoid, for instance, really bright colours.

    Remember, you are going to feature in photos that your couple will keep for the rest of their lives, so it’s nice to make a special effort to dress in a way that will please them. You’ll most certainly get extra amazing wedding celebrant points if you do too!

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