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Become a certified Funeral Celebrant with AMC

Our industry-leading Funeral celebrant training course and accreditation contains everything you need to become a funeral celebrant and start a thriving career in Funeral celebrancy.


Find meaning and purpose in a career in Funeral Celebrancy


Choose a new career that offers you more than financial rewards. Experience deep, heartfelt expression and connection and the profound personal and professional fulfilment that comes with supporting others during their times of need.

I feel so honoured to be involved with people at one of the worst times of their lives… to craft a ceremony that absolutely reflects the loved one who’s passed away.

Stuart Entwistle, AMC Graduate

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Become an AMC certified Funeral celebrant and you’ll also enjoy an enviable work-life balance.

Why Choose a Career as a Funeral Celebrant?

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    Empathy and Support:

    As a funeral celebrant, you provide comfort and support during one of life's most challenging times. You'll play a vital role in creating a space for families to grieve, remember, and celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

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    Rewarding work with a Meaningful Impact:

    Your work will leave a lasting impact, helping families navigate grief with a ceremony that honors the deceased's legacy offering a deeply rewarding experience for those who are compassionate and empathetic.

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    Flexible Hours & work-life balance:

    Enjoy the freedom to choose your own schedule and decide how many Funerals you'd like to conduct. Work full or part-time – perfect for those seeking work-life balance.

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    Continuous Personal Growth:

    As you guide others through their grief journey, you'll find opportunities for profound personal growth and understanding of life's complexities.

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    Community of Compassion:

    Join a network of professionals dedicated to providing solace and understanding, sharing experiences and learning from each other in the process.


AMC Accredited Funeral Celebrant training course

Our online training programme provides everything you need to start a meaningful & rewarding career as a funeral celebrant.

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    Funeral Ceremony Script Writing

    Learn to craft custom ceremony scripts from start to finish. Discover the essentials of personalisation, key elements every ceremony and eulogy should include, and techniques to make each ceremony unique and memorable.

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    Ceremony Officiation Skills

    Master the art of officiating funeral ceremonies with training in presentation, voice projection, confidence-building, and posture. Gain the skills to lead ceremonies with poise and professionalism.

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    Working with Grief and Families

    Learn how conduct meetings with mourning families with sensitivity and compassion, understanding their unique needs during a time of grief. And how to source appropriate content that resonates with the family's wishes and honours their loved one. Develop the ability to gather essential information compassionately, enabling you to write poignant and meaningful funeral ceremonies that provide comfort and closure.

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    The role of a funeral celebrant

    Gain a comprehensive understanding of the role of a funeral celebrant, the history of celebrancy, and the legal aspects.

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    How to look after yourself as a funeral celebrant.

    Techniques to keep yourself healthy & run your business as a professional in times of difficult situations.

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    Symbolic Rituals and Diversity

    From understanding and respecting funeral traditions & funeral rituals to diversity & cultural considerations in ceremony, we give you all the tools you need to conduct your funeral service with dignity and respect.

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    Ceremony Setup Procedures

    Get practical insights into ceremony setup, including event preparation, funeral etiquette, working and networking with funeral directors, and creating an inviting ceremony space for burials and cremations.

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    Post-Ceremony Protocols

    Learn the essential steps to follow after a ceremony, including after care of families & funeral directors.

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    Conducting online funerals

    You’ll learn how to prepare for and conduct an online funeral ceremony via Zoom.

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    The business of Funeral Celebrancy

    We include 2 dedicated modules to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to set up your funeral celebrant business and get boked with and without Funeral Directors.

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    Creation of Celebration of Life and Memorial services

    Understand how these differ to traditional funerals. How to write them & navigate new ceremony spaces.


Expert-led training by award-winning celebrants

The Academy of Modern Celebrancy Funeral certification is an expert-led distance learning  programme that will provide everything you need to turn your new found passion, into a successful business either part-time or full time.

You will be fully supported by a 1-2-1 mentor, and weekly Q&A sessions throughout the learning experience. And you'll leave our training with a sought after accreditation, the tools to write and officiate ceremonies with confidence, along with the marketing skills to thrive in the industry.

Why train with AMC

Our industry-leading celebrant training sets a new standard in the field. Our online training offers prestigious industry recognition and a unique blend of convenience and excellence.
Our courses provide flexible access, catering to students worldwide and accommodating diverse schedules.

What truly sets us apart is our unparalleled support system. Our team of experienced celebrant mentors, many of whom are award-winning professionals themselves, are dedicated to nurturing your growth.

Our award-winning celebrant mentors will guide you through 1-1 support and you’ll also have access to group support sessions in addition to the high-quality, professionally recorded training videos and materials, ensuring a rich learning experience whatever your learning style.

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I can honestly say that it has been the best learning experience of my life.

AMC graduate

Course syllabus

In this module, you’ll discover what the scope of the funeral industry in the UK is and how this has an impact on funeral celebrants and people as a whole.

You’ll learn the cultural and social aspects of funerals and the current choices families have when it comes to saying goodbye more formally.

We will dive into the Funeral Directors role and you'll discover the registration of death process so you can support your families through this with knowledge and confidence.

We will teach you the foundations so you are confident with the procedures from the beginning.

In this powerful module, you’ll focus on the first and most important steps of your role: supporting bereaved families.

We will teach you how to communicate with your families and techniques for working with them in times of grief.

In this part of the course, we will teach you how to arrange and conduct your interview, what questions to ask and how to carefully support your family through this time with compassion and professionalism.

You’ll leave with the confidence to conduct a full consultation with a wide variety of personalities and family structures and get the information you need to create the ceremony with ease.

In this module, we concentrate on the impact of diversity in funeral ceremonies. From understanding different cultural rituals through to societal issues, we give you all the tools you need to conduct your funeral service with dignity and respect.

You’ll understand how equality and diversity legislation fits into funeral celebrancy and will dive into different sectors and traditions, so you have a broad knowledge base when it comes to offering families what they need during this time.

This module will teach you how to support families who have lost loved ones at different stages in life. From children to elderly, you’ll understand the differences and the impact diversity has on the service itself.

No one funeral ceremony you officiate will be the same, just like no individual is. In this module, you’ll go away with the full checklist of considerations when working with others in the team from crematorium staff to florists.

You’ll be taught how to add special elements to a ceremony such as funeral music, poetry and reading choices and you’ll be provided with an e-book of popular, traditional and modern examples you can provide your families with.

We will dive into religion too and understand where it sits within a celebrant led funeral.

You’ll not only leave this module understanding how to create a traditional funeral from start to finish, but also knowing the difference between a modern and unique funeral ceremony and with the ability to create a service that is full to the brim with unique touches.

This is where you really start to craft your own personality as a funeral celebrant.

Writing a funeral ceremony that sounds like it has been written by a family member is an art and one we teach. You’ll learn how to construct a ceremony that has all the elements you need to move the audience and create an unforgettable ceremony full of meaning.

Every ceremony you write as a funeral celebrant will be different. We will guide you through the writing process from where to start to how to inject personality throughout. You’ll learn from top funeral celebrants in the country how they create bespoke scripts every time and honour lives through each ceremony conducted.

You’ll leave this module with every trick and tool available along with solid and hand crafted scripts that you have created with the support of your tutor.

In this practical module, we will be taking you through different scenarios so you can run a ceremony with confidence no matter who you are working with.

We will walk you through the crematorium set up so step by step, the burial procedures too and how to conduct a service outside of the traditional locations such as the beach or hotel.

In this module you’ll learn how to deliver a complete ceremony including how to manage the timings and stand confidently delivering the service.

You’ll learn how to contain grief, how to support people through the ceremony no matter the difficult circumstances in may present.

Let’s face it, working in the funeral industry means you’ll be faced with sometimes emotional challenges. It takes a special type of flair and compassion, alongside being able to support others through their grief.

In this module we teach you how to separate your grief whilst maintaining your passion and support. You’ll learn how to officiate a ceremony even in the toughest of circumstances with professionalism and pride so you will stand tall on each and every occasion.

Now this is an exciting module. Alongside teaching you how to conduct and write traditional funeral services, we want you to have the tools you need to create really powerful celebration of life ceremonies.

In this module you’ll learn the differences from a traditional funeral and a celebration of life and will be taught how to create, write and conduct a service on this level.

You’ll learn how to create a memorial and scattering of ashes, and what your role is in the process.

Now you will be armed with everything you need to be a stand out as a celebrant, we will work with you on getting your business set up to be a roaring success.

In this module, you’ll learn how to set up a self employed business, what you need to get in place so all the foundations are covered and you are organised and ready for bookings from day 1.

You’ll discover modern (and simple) business planning and organisation techniques that will kick start your business with ease.

You’ll leave this module with email techniques, how to set up your script documents and how to store client data. You’ll be business savvy in no time.

Now it’s time to get marketing and get the bookings in the diary. You’ve learnt how to be a successful, confident celebrant and how to set up your business, in this module you’ll dive into what is takes to get visible and build a reputation as a celebrant.

We will teach you how to set up your website, your brand, your styling and all important aspects to Marketing. You’ll be working with Jennifer Claire, the CEO of AMC and Celebrant Success Coach. She’s coached celebrants from zero bookings through to full time and is there to support you to do the same.

You’ll learn what it takes to be a successful celebrant from the offset and how to get bookings with and without the Funeral Director. This is when the magic happens.


Plus these two bonuses!

Our exclusive and proven ‘Done-For-You’ Business Launch Blueprint that takes the guesswork out of starting your business.


Booking form and Contract of Service

Funeral Service Checklist

GDPR and Privacy Policy Sample

Certificate template

Sample scripts and readings

Professional, supportive, inspiring

Just some of the words our celebrant students use to describe us

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Join the academy team of celebrants who excel, impress & craft ceremonies that make a difference to people's lifes.

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Meet your Celebrant mentors

Our team of experienced celebrant mentors, many of whom are award-winning professionals themselves, are dedicated to nurturing your growth. We believe in empowering our students, equipping you with not just the knowledge but also the confidence to excel as a celebrant.

Our award-winning celebrant mentors will guide you through high-quality, professionally recorded training videos and materials, ensuring a rich learning experience.

At the heart of our academy is a support team as invested in your success as you are.

Flexible online training to suit your lifestyle

Study at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. No rigid timetable or weeks away. You’ll have weekly group Q&A sessions, and access to the Hub - a library of video training, downloadable workbooks and all of the paperwork you need to get your business started. You can take the accreditation as fast or as slow as suits you with all the support you need.
You'll be supported by one of our amazing mentors, and have 24/7 support from the amazing team at AMC, along with your fellow students in the exclusive members-only Facebook group.

Oh, and there is an option to add on shadowing a Celebrant on the job too! We are with you all the way.



All this included


The most comprehensive video training covering every aspect of celebrancy within your own training hub. You have access to training manuals and assignments that you complete online.


Once enrolled, you’ll be assigned your very own mentor and training. You’ll have access to 1-2-1 live training with them to learn from the best in the business.


You’ll be joining a team of students each week to get your questions answered. We are there to support you all the way.


You can complete this course from the comfort of your own home, it will fit in around you and your lifestyle and you can dip in and out as often as you wish.


You are never left alone when you join AMC. We will hold your hand throughout the whole course and you have access to us 24/7 through our exclusive online community.


Want to watch a celebrant in action before you officiate your first? You absolutely can. You can choose from our list of amazing mentors and take a peek at behind the scenes.


You won’t leave empty handed. You’ll have every piece of documentation you’ll need to establish your business and get those bookings in the door.


The Academy of Modern Celebrancy is recognised across the UK, Europe and US, you’ll have a top rated accreditation that will give you an enviable step up as soon as you start.


You’ll have access to the AMC team every step of the way. You can tap into the team of celebrants that have officiated 1000’s of ceremonies between them. Big or small, no question will go unanswered.

Get certified with AMC

By training with the Academy, you become an accredited AMC celebrant and join part of an internationally celebrated and exclusive community of celebrants.

The Academy of Modern Celebrancy is an internationally recognised training body offering an industry gold-standard certification. Our courses are endorsed by the National College Open Network (NOCN) and Ofqual and are recognised by industry leaders. We're able to offer our trainee celebrants

  • NOCN Level 3 Certificate in Civil Celebrancy in the UK
  • NOCN Level 3 Diploma in Celebrancy: Funerals   

Please visit our NOCN information page to learn more about this additional training.

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Professional, supportive, inspiring

Just some of the words our celebrant students use to describe us

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Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a Funeral Celebrant is one of the most meaningful jobs you can do. If you love the idea of supporting others and truly making a difference to the people you work with, then training as a Funeral Celebrant could be perfect for you.

If you want a role where no two days are the same and love the idea of being creative, public speaking and storytelling, and taking the lead, then this is the perfect course and profession for you.

This course will cover everything you need to know to give you the fundamental knowledge of the industry as well as the practical work so you can go out and officiate ceremonies with confidence. Our Certificated Funeral Celebrant Training course will take you through every element so even if you are brand new to celebrancy, you will be guided through at your own pace.