What should I look for in a Celebrant training programme?


    Choosing a celebrant training programme is an important step if you’re looking to become a professional celebrant, whether it’s for weddings, funerals, or other ceremonies. Here are key factors to consider when selecting a celebrant training programme:

     Accreditation and Recognition:

    • Ensure any training course you choose is recognized by a professional body or association; this lends legitimacy to your qualifications.
    • Check if it’s accredited by an educational institution or an industry-specific organization; accreditation is a mark of quality and can be a deciding factor for clients choosing a celebrant.

    Recognition by professional bodies assures you and potential clients that the training has met established industry standards, enhancing your professional reputation.

    Curriculum and Content:

    The course should cover a comprehensive range of topics, such as the history of celebrancy, legal requirements, ceremony planning, scriptwriting, and public speaking.

    Training on the cultural and religious elements of ceremonies may also be beneficial, depending on your target market.

    A broad and thorough curriculum ensures you’re well-prepared for the diverse aspects of celebrancy, from crafting a meaningful ceremony to understanding legalities.

    Practical Experience:

    Look for celebrant training programmes that offer practical experience, such as opportunities to observe or conduct mock ceremonies.

    The training should provide guidance on ceremonial rites, symbolism, and traditions for various types of ceremonies.

    Direct experience is critical in translating theoretical knowledge into real-world skills, enabling you to conduct ceremonies with confidence.

    Live ceremony training at The Academy of Modern Celebrancy

    Expert Trainers and Support:

    Consider the qualifications and experience of the trainers; their expertise can provide deep insights into the profession.

    Good celebrant training programmes should offer ongoing support, mentorship, and resources even after you’ve completed your training.

    Importance: Access to knowledgeable faculty and ongoing support can significantly influence your professional development and success as a celebrant.

    Delivery Method:

    Decide if you prefer online, in-person, or hybrid training options based on your learning style and schedule.

    Check the duration and schedule of the programme to ensure it fits your needs.

    The mode of delivery should suit your learning preferences and availability, which is crucial for your engagement and the successful completion of the course.

    If you’re training for a new career whilst still working, or juggling family commitments, then a more-flexible online training approach could be worth considering.

    See our Online Celebrant Training programmes

    Feedback and Success Rate:

    Look for testimonials from previous students to gauge satisfaction and outcomes.

    Check the success rate of graduates and their placement in the industry. Look at their Google, Facebook and Trustpilot Reviews.

    Positive feedback and a high alumni success rate can indicate the programme’s effectiveness and potential to help you establish a successful career.

    Business Skills Training:

    As a celebrant, you’ll be running your own business; courses that include training on business basics, marketing, and administration are highly beneficial.

    Strong business acumen is key to building a sustainable practice as a celebrant, making business skills training an indispensable part of your education.

    Continuing Education:

    Find out if the programme offers or requires continuing education to keep your skills and knowledge current.

    At AMC we offer Alumni Membership with monthly training and guest experts, The Celebrant CEO mastermind, we also partner with The Celebrant Directory to bring you Celebrant training by celebrants for celebrants to help you with everything from getting more bookings to planning styled shoots.

    Online Celebrant training

    Legal and Ethical Training:

    The programme should thoroughly cover the legal aspects of being a celebrant and provide training on how to handle ethical dilemmas.

    Understanding the legal and ethical framework within which you operate is crucial for professionalism and integrity in your practice.

    Cost and Value:

    Evaluate the cost of the programme and what you get for your investment. The cheapest option may not always be the best, likewise, evaluate whether the most expensive courses deliver value for money.

    Check with your training provider to see if there are additional costs for materials, membership in professional organizations, or continuing education.

    Ensuring you receive value for money can influence the overall quality of your training experience and the return on your educational investment.

    Community and Networking:

    A good training programme should also offer access to a community of celebrants for networking and support.

    Building a professional network can lead to mentorship opportunities, client referrals, and ongoing professional development.

    Celebrant Network and community

    Assessment and Certification:

    Consider how the programme assesses your knowledge and skills. Ensure you receive a professional certificate upon completion, which is recognized in the industry.

    Certification that is widely recognized in the industry validates your expertise and can significantly impact clients’ decision-making processes.

    Accredited and Certificated training at The Academy of Modern Celebrancy

    Choosing the right Celebrant training programme for you:

    Before you choose your Celebrant Training, it’s worth considering first what type of Celebrancy would suit you. Independent Celebrants cover 3 main areas – WeddingsFunerals and Family ceremonies.

    Wedding Celebrants – Preside over Weddings, Elopements and vow renewals, conducting personalised ceremonies for couples who want to celebrate their union.

    Funeral Celebrants – Funeral celebrancy requires you to work with and support grieving families conducting Funeral ceremonies or celebration of life ceremonies, which can be hugely rewarding, but may not be for everyone. 

    Family Celebrants – Family celebrants preside over naming and adoption ceremonies, so you must enjoy being around families with children.

    Once you know what type of celebrant you want to be, you can choose the right course for you.

    Wondering if you’ve got what it takes to be a celebrant? Take our Celebrant Quiz

    Our Training: How does The Academy of Modern Celebrancy Stack up 

    Wedding Celebrant Training Funeral Celebrant TrainingNaming Celebrant training 
    Accreditation and Recognition:Certificated training accredited with and OFQUAL  registered training provider Certificated training accredited with and OFQUAL  registered training provider Certificated training
    Curriculum and Content10 comprehensive modules covering
    An Introduction to Celebrancy, Working with Families and Grief, Understanding Diversity in Ceremony, Creating a service to remember, Writing an unforgettable ceremony, Officiating with confidence, How to look after yourself as a celebrant, Designing Celebration of Life Ceremonies, Setting up your Celebrant Business, Marketing your business for success
    Plus: Online Funeral Ceremonies & content vault
    7 comprehensive modules
    covering: An Introduction to Celebrancy, Planning the perfect ceremony, Designing a ceremony that wows, Officiating a ceremony with confidence, Marketing your business for success
    Setting up your Celebrant Business, Plus Masterclass & content vault
    3 comprehensive models: An Introduction to Naming Ceremonies, Creating Naming Ceremonies that WOW, Conducting the perfect Naming Ceremony, Plus Access to the Vault

    Practical ExperienceRoleplay with up to 9 weeks mentor support Add-on celebrant shadowing optionRoleplay with up to 9 weeks mentor support. Add-on celebrant shadowing option Add-on celebrant shadowing option
    Expert Trainers and SupportAccess to experienced Celebrant mentors, private facebook groupAccess to experienced Celebrant mentors, private facebook groupAccess to experienced Celebrant mentors, private facebook group
    Delivery Method Online, on-demand video access with live mentor calls  Online, on-demand video access with live mentor calls Online, on-demand video access. 
    Feedback & success ratemultiple success stories & 5-star reviews multiple success stories & 5-star reviews multiple success stories & 5-star reviews 
    Business Skills training 2 dedicated modules for business & marketing training 2 dedicated modules for business & marketing training (training is only available as an add on to Funerals or Wedding celebrancy course)
    Continuing educationAlumni membership option, Celebrant WinterfestAlumni membership option, Celebrant WinterfestAlumni membership option, Celebrant Winterfest
    Legal & ethical training All the legal docs you need & bonus diversity training All the legal docs you need & bonus diversity training All the legal docs you need
    Community & Network Private Facebook Group.  Join our celebrant community of over 3000 celebrantsPrivate Facebook Group.  Join our celebrant community of over 3000 celebrantsPrivate Facebook Group.  Join our celebrant community of over 3000 celebrants
    Assessment & certification Accredited and certified courseAccredited and certified courseAccredited & Certified course

    Selecting your Celebrant Training Provider

    Choosing the right training provider is pivotal in your journey to becoming a professional celebrant. The quality of your training will not only shape your skills and knowledge but also influence your future career path.

    When selecting a celebrant training provider, it’s essential to look for an accredited programme. Other things to keep in mind:

    • Opt for a curriculum covering all vital celebrancy aspects, including ceremony planning, scriptwriting, and understanding legal and cultural nuances.
    • Practical experience and ongoing mentorship are key in developing real-world skills, so choose a provider with these opportunities and strong support networks.
    • The programme should match your preferred learning style, offering flexibility in delivery methods, whether online, in-person, or hybrid.
    • Since celebrancy often involves managing your own business, ensure the programme includes training in business, marketing, and administration.
    • Access to a community for networking, opportunities for continuous learning and development, and comprehensive legal and ethical training are also crucial.

    Finally, choose a course that offers recognized certification, validating your expertise in the celebrancy field.

    Why Choose The Academy of Modern Celebrancy

    At The Academy of Modern Celebrancy, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive, accredited training across various celebrant disciplines, including weddings, funerals, and naming ceremonies. Our courses are designed with a focus on practical experience, expert guidance, and ongoing support, ensuring our graduates are well-equipped to start their celebrant journey with confidence.

    Our training modules cover everything from the fundamentals of celebrancy to advanced business skills, and we offer a vibrant community for networking and development. With our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, we ensure that our graduates are not just trained but truly prepared for a successful career in celebrancy.

    Interested in taking the next step in your celebrant journey? Check out our training programmes at The Academy of Modern Celebrancy and join a community dedicated to excellence in celebrancy. Explore our Training programmes.

    Jennifer Claire

    Jennifer is the Director of the leading celebrant training company, The Academy of Modern Celebrancy as well as the Founder of The Celebrant Directory, supporting over 600 celebrants globally.

    Jennifer run a 2.5k community of celebrants who she dedicates her time to helping them grow their businesses and taking celebrancy from a hobby to a lifestyle.

    Jennifer heads up the global Celebrant Industry Awards and the global celebrant summit, Celebrantopia each year!

    A celebrant herself since 2010, she knows what it takes to make it in the industry and trains the best celebrants out there across the UK, Europe and the USA.

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