How to write a standout celebrant directory listing!


    Buckle up because we’re breaking down the anatomy of a great celebrant directory listing with real-life examples to inspire and guide you to create your own irresistible listing.

    Getting discovered in online celebrant directories is invaluable for expanding your enquiries and bookings. But simply having a Celebrant Directory listing among countless other talented celebrant profiles isn’t enough. To get booked, successful celebrants know that they need to stand out from the crowd.

    Your celebrant directory listing needs to stop the scroll, inspire and sparks emotional connection. This transforms an uninspiring, ‘scroll-past’ listing into a magnet scroll-stopping listing that attracts ideal customers for meaningful ceremonies.

    We’re sharing our top tips on injecting personality and purpose into critical listing elements like your title, description, images, offerings and contact details so your customization expertise shines. With a listing illuminating heartfelt dedication, you guide more visitors to envision your instrumental role in their special day.

    11 top tips for your celebrant directory listing

    Let’s transform your celebrant directory listings into inspiring, irresistible booking magnets. Work through each of these 11 areas and you’ll completely elevate your celebrant directory listing, helping you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons and get booked!

    1. Use an Attention-Grabbing Headline:
      • Start with a strong, clear headline with your business name and a key benefit or feature that sets you apart. Keep it short and easy to read.
    2. Invest in High-Quality Images:
      • Use professional images that represent you and your business well. Use images from ceremonies you’ve conducted, have a brand photo shoot or consider getting involved in a styled shoot with other wedding or funeral suppliers.
    3. Add a Compelling Description:
      • Craft a concise yet detailed description of your services. If you offer different types of Celebrancy i.e. Wedding, Funeral and Naming, consider providing different descriptions for each service and what you bring to them. Use bullet points to break up text and highlight key services you offer, including add-ons like Handfasting if you’re a wedding celebrant.
    4. Unique Selling Proposition (USP):
      • Your Celebrant directory listing is a chance to really sell yourself, so don’t be shy. This is the time to blow your own trumpet! Clearly state what makes you different and why a client should choose you over competitors. This could be your experience, style, or special packages you offer.
    5. Keywords:
      • Incorporate relevant keywords and locations into your Celebrant directory listing that prospective clients might use to search for services like yours. Make sure you include areas that you serve, but also consider adding words that describe your style and the type of ceremonies you offer. This helps prospective clients see that you’ll be a good fit, and also helps with search engine optimization (SEO) within the directory.
    6. Clear Contact Information:
      • Your celebrant directory listing is useless if it doesn’t let people get in touch with you. Remember that people have different communication styles; provide multiple ways for clients to contact you—phone number, email, and social media profiles. Make sure they are all current and accurate.
    7. Social Proof:
      • Show prospective clients that they can trust you by using trust markers: Include customer testimonials reviews, awards, “as seen in” mentions, or ratings to build trust and credibility. It’s important to actively request reviews from past clients, so make it a core part of your process to reach out to past clients and request a testimonial and/or review – make it easy for them by including direct “clickable” links to write reviews for you. If your customer has already sent you a review, but you want it listed on the review site, include a copy of their original review in your message and ask if they would mind uploading it to the new location.
    8. Call to Action (CTA):
      • Your celebrant directory listing is a functional tool that serves 1 key purpose – to attract enquiries, but you need to tell people what you want them do, End with a clear call to action, inviting potential clients to contact you, visit your website for more details, or book a consultation.
    9. List any Accreditations or Affiliations:
      • Accreditations and affiliations let you borrow credibility and authority from trusted establishments. If you’ve trained with The Academy of Modern Celebrancy, we provide you with a digital training badge that you can use for this very purpose! Celebrants of all experience levels should use accreditations and affiliations, but they can be invaluable if you’re a new Celebrant without references and reviews. List any professional accreditations, certifications, or associations you are a part of and include their logos in your celebrant directory listing if you have them. Visual cues can be far more powerful.
    10. Special Offers:
      • Mention any promotions or discounts for first-time customers, which can be a great incentive for someone to choose your services. Do you offer discounts for different days of the week? Do you have any last-minute availability that you’re offering a discounted rate on? Keep your profile updated with special offers that might clinch that booking for you!
    11. Update Regularly:
      • Keep your celebrant directory listing updated with any new services, offers, or changes in contact information to ensure it remains accurate and relevant. It’s also good to periodically update your profile listings with refreshed photography. Keep a folder for images from weddings, make it a note to connect with clients who have professional video you might be able to use, and diarise updating your listing every 6 months of so to keep it fresh.
    Anatomy of a great Celebrant directory listing

    Choosing a profile photo for your celebrant directory listing

    In the world of celebrancy, where personal connection and trust are paramount, your directory photos serve as a crucial first impression to potential clients. These images are more than just headshots; they’re a visual handshake, an invitation for clients to get to know you and envision you as an integral part of their special day.

    Your profile photo is the first thing people will see before they even click on your celebrant directory listing, so be intentional in your choice.

    To ensure your photos resonate with your ideal client, consider the following advice:

    • Professional photos only!
      • This is not the place for poorly shot, badly cropped iPhone pics, your profile photo and other listing images HAVE to be taken by a professional photographer, or you’re doing yourself a huge disservice and likely damaging your reputation and credibility before people have ever even met you. First impressions last, and we make strong judgments in milliseconds when we’re online. Everything matters – how it’s shot, where it’s shot, what you’re wearing, backdrop and background, props, facial expression etc.
    • Choose photos that Reflect Your Professionalism and Personality:
      • Choose photos that strike a balance between professionalism and your unique personality. Your image should convey the essence of your celebrant style, whether it’s formal, casual, or somewhere in between.
    • Remember that Context Matters:
      • Opt for images that place you in a celebratory context or setting. Photos taken during actual ceremonies or styled shoots can give clients a glimpse into how you conduct your services. This is also a wishlist for future clients and couples, so consider the style of ceremony you’re showcasing – if you want to book more naming ceremonies but only have photos of wedding ceremonies, you won’t be as successful in attracting the type of customer you want. People need to be able to see themselves working with you.
    • Connect Through Your Expression:
      • Your facial expression in the photo can significantly impact how approachable and relatable you appear. Aim for a genuine smile or a warm, inviting expression that encourages potential clients to reach out. Profile or hero shots should always show you looking straight at the camera.

    AMC mentor, Miranda Ash’s celebrant directory listing on The Celebrant Directory is a masterclass in using visual storytelling through her photography. Not only, does she have a beautifully fun profile photo from a brand photo shoot, she includes a selection of stunning photos of her officiating weddings.

    She shows, rather than tells, that her weddings are colourful, joyful and bohemian. She also showcases speciality union rituals that she offers like handfasting and wine ceremonies

    Shows Storytelling through imagery on a Celebrant Directory Listing. 2 photos display Celebrant Specialism, Joy, Colourful Boho style

    Celebrant Directory Listing Photo Dos:

    • Use high-resolution images to ensure clarity across all devices.
    • Ensure good lighting to highlight your features and create a welcoming atmosphere.
    • Include a mix of close-up and wider shots to show both your personality and professional demeanor in action.
    • Consider professional attire that matches the type of ceremonies you specialize in, reflecting the tone and style of your services.
    • Update your photos regularly to keep your profile fresh and reflective of your current look and branding.

    Celebrant Directory Listing Photo Don’ts:

    • Avoid using outdated or low-quality images that can undermine your professionalism.
    • Steer clear of overly posed or unnatural expressions that don’t accurately represent your personality.
    • Refrain from using busy or distracting backgrounds that take focus away from you.
    • Choose photos where you’re looking away from the camera. Eye contact builds trust.
    • Don’t overlook the importance of photo consistency across your directory profile and other marketing materials, which helps in building brand recognition.

    By carefully selecting photos that align with these guidelines, you’ll be more likely to attract your ideal clients and set the foundation for a successful celebrant-client relationship right from the start.

    How to avoid your celebrant directory listing sounding like everyone else’s.

    Avoid making broad statements you see everywhere like “I’ll help you plan a ceremony that is unique and bespoke to you”, instead tell people how you’ll create a ceremony that is unique and bespoke to them, or give them examples of previous ceremonies that demonstrate your skill in doing this.

    Things to include to make your listing unique:

    • words, phrases and/or quotes that will resonate with your ideal clients
    • your values
    • mission statement
    • or tell them how your experience in a previous career helps you in your role as a celebrant

    e.g. Craving a ceremony steeped in timeless elegance yet yearning for a touch of your own spark? You’ve come to the right place! We’ll work together to create a ceremony that feels like a warm embrace of tradition infused with your personal touch. Your ceremony will be a timeless treasure, celebrating your love in a way that feels unique to you.

    Writing a standout bio_ Celebrant directory listing include values, character traits, mission emotive language and any awards

    Instead of saying “I offer handfasting ceremonies” consider how your handfasting ceremonies might be different i.e.

    I offer authentic Pagan Handfasting ceremonies in nature with traditional altars, goddess blessings, calling in the elements and other traditional rituals.

    Or “As a skilled sailor, I can tie a knot in 20 different ways, so if you’re looking to weave a unique, modern handfasting into your ceremony, I’m your celebrant.”

    You can see how you can instantly add personality, meaning and layer your unique style through your listing.

    The anatomy of a GREAT celebrant directory listing

    We’ve take our award winning Celebrant Mentor Miranda Ash as an example and broken down the elements that take a Celebrant directory listing from Meh to Magnetic!

    You can see how Miranda has nailed using professional photography to tell her story and reinforce her brand as a joy-filled, colour-loving, boho queen.

    Anatomy of a great Celebrant directory listing

    Miranda’s Celebrant profile is a masterclass on how to write a unique listing that makes you stand out from the crowd. Her use of professional wedding videos to inspire prospective couples and attract more of her ideal clients is a stroke of genius – notice how the videos tell the couple’s story, not hers.

    Choosing the right celebrant directory listing for you

    Finding the right celebrant directory for you might take some trial and error. It’s important to find a directory that your ideal clients will use. If your prospective clients don’t visit the directory, there’s little point in listing your services there. Especially as all of those directory listing costs can add up.

    Ask your celebrant community for recommendations and use free or trial listings to gauge likely enquiry levels to decide if it’s worth it. If you train with The Academy of Modern Celebrancy, you have access to our exclusive facebook group filled with our knowledgable

    you get exclusive discounts on our sister site The Celebrant Directory

    If you’re looking for ongoing mentoring or advanced celebrant training to get your business off the ground, we’d love to help; we’re passionate about helping Celebrants create thriving, successful celebrant businesses and we’ve already helped hundreds of Celebrants do just this. Check out our Advanced Celebrant Training course and CPD for more details.

    Jennifer Claire

    Jennifer is the Director of the leading celebrant training company, The Academy of Modern Celebrancy as well as the Founder of The Celebrant Directory, supporting over 600 celebrants globally.

    Jennifer run a 2.5k community of celebrants who she dedicates her time to helping them grow their businesses and taking celebrancy from a hobby to a lifestyle.

    Jennifer heads up the global Celebrant Industry Awards and the global celebrant summit, Celebrantopia each year!

    A celebrant herself since 2010, she knows what it takes to make it in the industry and trains the best celebrants out there across the UK, Europe and the USA.

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