Networking as a Wedding Celebrant

Miranda Ash Celebrant with Friends she met through Networking as a celebrant

Networking is a vital skill for any wedding celebrant. Not only does it help build your professional network, but it also opens up opportunities for referrals, collaborations, and enhancing your visibility within the industry.  Whilst you might think of networking as being confined to a business networking meeting or wedding fairs, Weddings themselves can be…

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Branding for Celebrants: An Essential Guide

Jennifer claire expert in Branding for Celebrants

Why Branding is Important for Celebrants Branding is crucial for celebrants because it helps you stand out and attract your ideal clients. Your brand is more than just a logo or a business card; it’s about how you present yourself and your services to the world. It’s the whole vibe you give off: Your brand…

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8 reasons to niche as a Celebrant + how to do it

8 reasons to niche as a celebrant

Niching as a celebrant can offer several distinct advantages, allowing you to specialize in specific types of ceremonies or cater to particular cultural or community groups. Here are 8 reasons we think you should niche as celebrant: 1. Establish Expertise:  Specializing in a particular type of ceremony, like traditional pagan handfasting ceremonies, allows you to…

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How to write a standout celebrant directory listing!

Happy Celebrant writing a celebrant directory listing that stands out

Buckle up because we’re breaking down the anatomy of a great celebrant directory listing with real-life examples to inspire and guide you to create your own irresistible listing. Getting discovered in online celebrant directories is invaluable for expanding your enquiries and bookings. But simply having a Celebrant Directory listing among countless other talented celebrant profiles…

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Ultimate celebrant guide to wedding fairs

a celebrant guide to attending wedding fairs backdrop with celebrant photos, a celebrant photobook, branded lollipops and mini disco balls

Navigating the vibrant world of wedding fairs can be an exhilarating experience for any wedding celebrant. This comprehensive guide is your roadmap to attending these fairs and making a lasting impression. Whether you’re a seasoned celebrant or new to the scene, this celebrant guide to wedding fairs delves into the crucial aspects of showcasing your…

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The ultimate Celebrant toolkit

Jennifer Claire Constant shares her must haves for Celebrant Toolkit

A Celebrant toolkit is like a friend who’s always got your back, but knowing what to pack isn’t always easy, especially when you’re new to Celebrancy. We asked Jennifer Constant, founder of The Academy of Modern Celebrancy, for her must-have items in her celebrant toolkit. Jen said, “I always advise doing your research about your…

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How to balance becoming a celebrant with an existing job [video interview]

Miranda Ash on How to balance becoming a celebrant with an existing job

In the evolving landscape of celebrancy, many individuals find themselves balancing a full-time job with their passion for celebrancy. Tara Heath-Arnold and Miranda Ash, both experienced celebrants and mentors at The Academy of Modern Celebrancy, recently shared their insights and strategies for managing this dual career path. If you’re navigating a career change to Celebrancy,…

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4 Benefits of Becoming A Wedding Celebrant

friendly celebrant showcasing personable skills

Taking the leap and becoming a wedding celebrant might seem like a huge decision, but it could be the best decision you ever make. In this colourful world of love, friendship and fun, the role of a wedding celebrant might possibly be the happiest job in the world! Nevertheless, if you are still perched neatly…

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