Should I become a celebrant?

Becoming a celebrant is one of the most rewarding businesses you can do. Unsure how to go about it and what you need to become a celebrant? We’ve put together a simple guide to help you decide.

Should I become a celebrant? If you like to write creatively, meet people, are good at public speaking, and want to get into an industry that creates dream ceremonies, then this could be the next career for you.

You’ll spend your time getting creative, writing ceremonies, meeting people and officiating ceremonies in fabulous locations. If you love public speaking too, this is a big bonus.

So what is the role of a celebrant?

A celebrant is a person who writes and officiates ceremonies. Whether a wedding ceremony, a funeral service or a naming ceremony, celebrants take ownership of the ceremony itself, creating a space for celebration and personalisation.

Here are top things you will need to become a celebrant:

  • A love for writing stories – Celebrants write wedding ceremonies for couples who want something personalised so you will get to know the couple and write a ceremony that is unique to them.
  • A love for weddings – You will attend a lot of weddings! So if you are nosey, love to see how others put together their big day, want to get involved and love ‘love’, then becoming a celebrant is definitely for you.
  • A creative spark – There is no doubt that you need to get creative with your ceremonies. From poems and readings to adding symbolic extras, you’ll create a ceremony that is different from the rest. People choose celebrant led weddings because they want something unique.
  • Confidence – You will be creating ceremonies and then performing them in front of anywhere between 2 people and 200! You will need the confidence to do this, but this will come with experience so don’t expect to have it straight away. Not many celebrants do!

Do I need a qualification to become a celebrant?

In the UK, it is recommended that you train as a celebrant. This gives you the credibility and the knowledge you need to do the role successfully.

How much can I earn as a celebrant?

This is all dependent on how much time you have to put into your business and how many hours you want to work. As a celebrant you can choose when you work and how many ceremonies you take on. As a general rule of thumb, celebrants earn between £500-£1500 a ceremony.

What skills will I need to become a celebrant?

To train with the Academy of Modern Celebrancy, you don’t need any formal qualifications before starting. What you do need is a passion for the role and for starting a new business, a keen and driven attitude and the ability to dedicate time to online celebrant training.

How do I train to become a celebrant?

At the Academy of Modern Celebrancy, we offer online training courses but with a difference. We support you with online 1-2-1 coaching sessions and group sessions, and give you access to your own hub of video and workbook tutorials. When you enrol with AMC, you become part of a team of celebrants that will help you learn how to be a celebrant and how to be successful too. Business skills are just as important as training to be a celebrant and this is our focus. Your success is our success so we are with you all the way!

Ready to find out more? Get in touch to book a call with us or jump on in and enrol. This is the start of an amazing new chapter of your life. You won’t look back.

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