How to start a wedding celebrant business in 3 steps

This is a question we hear all the time – so how do we start in the wedding celebrant business and how easy is it?

We hear comments just like this:

‘I’ve always wanted to start my own business but no idea where to begin’

‘I work full time right now and it’s just not making me happy. I want something for myself’

‘I’d love to retire and start a celebrant business but I’ve never, ever used social media so how can I get bookings?’

‘If Covid taught me anything, it’s to go for my dreams’

‘I’m raring to go, just show me the way’

Any resonate with you?

We’d love to say to you starting a wedding celebrant business is as easy as doing the training and setting up your The Celebrant Directory profile. It’s so much more, but we are here to help you all the way. It’s what we just LOVE to do!

wedding celebrant business

Here are our absolute must haves to starting a wedding celebrant business:

1. Get the knowledge

Training is a must. Not only does it prep you with all the tools, it also gives you accreditation and a team of others around you. The key to a successful business is support and never feeling alone (we certainly take each and every student under our wings!).

You wouldn’t start cutting hair and calling yourself a hairdresser if you hadn’t trained, right? Or teaching yoga without knowing exactly how to do the moves safely?

It’s the same for the wedding industry.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge means you have the foundation for success in the wedding celebrant business and can build your reputation as a certified and reputable celebrant quickly.

Plus you may have never been in the wedding industry before and there’s a lot to understand. It can be a complicated beast but our training breaks it all down so you leave knowing exactly how to create dream ceremonies.

You’ll be clued up and raring to go in no time at all.

2. It’s then about the business

Learning how to be a celebrant is integral and then learning how to be a successful celebrant is the difference between actually doing the role.

Marketing will become your new buzz word and you’ll start to learn what it takes to run a business for yourself. We teach you at your own level. Never set up a Facebook page before or heard of SEO? No worries, we have your back and will take marketing at your own pace. No jargon or complicated tech, we teach you the fundamentals and build from there.

We work with our students to ensure the basics are covered, you have your website up and running and a stunning brand (your logo and content) that says ‘book me!’.

Then with an understanding and an excitement behind your marketing, you’ll flourish in no time!

3. Don’t go it alone

Becoming a business owner can sometimes be a little daunting for some. It can also be a lonely place if you don’t have any others to speak to, connect with or just bounce an idea off.

That’s where our membership comes in, or we like to call it our AMC family. When you join the AMC you don’t just do a course, you join our amazing community of celebrants and students that support each other and cheer each other on. You’ll love our Facebook community, the AMC Student Hub, and our regular coaching sessions that motivate you to the max.

So if this sounds like a career that really presses your buttons, gets you excited and sparks your interest, there’s no better time to step on in.

At the Academy of Modern Celebrancy, we give you the step by step blueprint to celerbancy that leaves no stone unturned, so you know exactly how to make it in the business.

We combine our online learning and live tutorials with our full live trainer support.

We are there to give you the confidence you need at your own pace.

We don’t just run celebrant courses, we help you launch your celebrant business and make it the success you desire.

Ready to get started? Enrol in our Wedding Celebrant Certification today and get started on your journey!

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