3 Of The Best Marriage Celebrant Courses


    It takes a special kind of person to become a marriage celebrant.

    If you’re the type of person that wants to make a difference, and to help make a couple’s romantic wedding day magical and memorable, you can train to write and deliver wedding ceremonies, civil partnership ceremonies and renewal of vows ceremonies.

    To get your accreditation, you’ll of course need to take a marriage celebrant course. But how do you find the best online, in-person and residential courses that suit your lifestyle and budget?

    Our blog will reveal our top picks in celebrant courses across the UK.

    Which Is The Best Marriage Celebrant Course?

    The first thing you need to know is that there are 3 types of celebrant training courses: residential, in-person, and online (distance learning). Each training experience equips you with the fundamental basics so that you achieve your goal of a dream job as a wedding celebrant.

    Just like with a wedding, if you want to enjoy the experience and achieve a successful outcome, it’s essential that you find your perfect marriage celebrant course match.

    The best marriage celebrant course for you should complement your unique learning style, fit around your time and lifestyle commitments, and suit your budget.

    To help you decide, check the reviews and testimonials to get an idea of what you can expect from the courses. The style that best suits you will help you improve your skill set, so that you can get the most from the training materials.

    And of course, it’s great to know that you’ll be supported on your journey to becoming a marriage celebrant who loves their job.

    Here are the basics to look out for:

    Residential Celebrant Training 

    Residential marriage celebrant courses tend to be the most expensive training option, as they typically include additional living and food costs. As this course is usually held in a location that is some distance away, you’ll also need to set aside travel expenses on top of the price of the training.

    Also bare in mind 2020 and 2021..they weren’t exactly residential friendly times!

    A residential course will equal a full week of training, with follow-on assessments.

    In-person Celebrant Training 

    It’s possible to train as a marriage celebrant via in-person training. The shorter 2-4 day personal tuition or group training courses are hosted in key locations throughout the year. They are usually less detailed courses with more of a focus on the foundations.

    Online Celebrant Training 

    Online (or distance learning) marriage celebrant training is undoubtedly the most flexible option, for anyone looking to acquire a celebrant qualification, while training from anywhere in the world at your own pace.

    The best online celebrant training courses offer ongoing support and mentoring, peer group support, and continued access to training materials. This course generally takes between 2-6 weeks to complete.

    Cost of marriage celebrant training

    The cost of marriage celebrant training varies depending on your location, the training provider, and the type of training that you choose.

    On average, you can expect to pay somewhere in the region of £700 to £3000 – that’s around $990 –$4240 (US) and $1262 –$5410 (Aus).

    Don’t forget though that once you’ve completed your training and have become a certified marriage celebrant, you’ll have other cost considerations – such as setting up and running your website, your (logo) branding, and marketing materials.

    Residential Training 

    If you’re in no rush to get your wedding celebrancy accreditation, and have the budget, you could train at the lavish Victorian hotel Sedgebrook Hall, in Chapel Brampton, Northampton, on a residential course with Civil Ceremonies.

    The 2-stage training starts with distance learning at home, and is followed by the residential training week.

    In-Person Training

    With groups limited to 12-14 delegates, the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants offers in-person training.

    The non-residential classroom based training takes place in different locations around the UK.

    Best Online Celebrant Training 

    If you need your training to be a lot more flexible and budget-friendly, of course we at The Academy of Modern Celebrancy offers the best online celebrant training courses that you can complete from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world.

    You’ll be supported with 1-2-1 mentoring throughout the exclusive expert-led online training programme. Plus you’ll have access to group coaching sessions, and an opportunity to shadow real life celebrants, as you work towards achieving top rated accreditation.

    Come find out more about our courses here:

    Wedding Celebrant Certification

    Funeral Celebrant Certification

    Naming Celebrant Certification

    All courses

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    Jennifer Claire

    Jennifer is the Director of the leading celebrant training company, The Academy of Modern Celebrancy as well as the Founder of The Celebrant Directory, supporting over 600 celebrants globally.

    Jennifer run a 2.5k community of celebrants who she dedicates her time to helping them grow their businesses and taking celebrancy from a hobby to a lifestyle.

    Jennifer heads up the global Celebrant Industry Awards and the global celebrant summit, Celebrantopia each year!

    A celebrant herself since 2010, she knows what it takes to make it in the industry and trains the best celebrants out there across the UK, Europe and the USA.

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