Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

 Welcome to the Academy of Modern Celebrancy! We are delighted you are joining our premier training programme for exceptional celebrants. Please read through these terms and conditions carefully before purchasing any of our certification courses.


About Our Academy

The Academy of Modern Celebrancy is operated by The Academy of Modern Celebrancy Limited. Our team of accomplished celebrants and faculty are committed to empowering you with the skills to excel in this meaningful career. Feel free to contact us at any time at hello@academyofmoderncelebrancy.com.


Your Status

By purchasing a course, you confirm that you are legally able to enter into contracts, are at least 18 years old, and will only use the course materials for your own learning purposes. You agree not to redistribute or resell the materials. 


Forming a Contract

When you place an order, you will receive an acknowledgement email. This does not confirm acceptance of your order. We review all orders and verify acceptance by sending a "Download Confirmation" email granting access to the course. This email forms the binding contract between us. The contract applies only to courses specifically confirmed through the Download Confirmation system. 


For consumers, you have 14 days after purchase to cancel for a full refund if no course materials have been accessed by emailing hello@academyofmoderncelebrancy.com. However, as we will provide immediate access to digital materials before the end of this cancellation window, by accessing the course, you understand you are forfeiting cancellation rights. If you are paying using our payment plan method, You are entering into a binding contract to complete the payments in full. 


Course Access 

Courses are available immediately after we send the Download Confirmation. Contact us promptly if you do not receive automated access, as we are not liable for delays due to technical issues.


Intellectual Property

Course usage rights are only granted upon full payment. All course content remains the intellectual property of our Academy. We licence materials to you on a limited basis for appropriate use in your training. Redistributing, reselling or repurposing our courses is strictly prohibited by copyright. 



Prices listed on our website are valid, excluding errors. VAT is included when applicable. Rates are subject to change, but confirmed orders are honoured. We specify accepted payment methods on our site. Payment plans require a committed contract. 



Due to the nature of the course and as courses are digitally accessible upon purchase, we have a strict no refund policy. 


Our Liability

Courses are provided “as is” without representations, aside from consumer warranties. If we are liable for non-death/injury damages, compensation is limited to your course purchase amount. We are not liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages.



We primarily communicate via email and may also contact you through website postings. You agree this satisfies legal electronic communication requirements. 



Send notices to hello@academyofmoderncelebrancy.com. We will use the email provided with your order. Notice is deemed received 24 hours after emailing or 3 days after mailing. 



You cannot transfer course rights without our consent. We may transfer contracts as needed. 


Events Outside Our Control

We are not liable for performance delays or issues caused by events reasonably outside our control.



Any failure by us to enforce the contract does not waive future rights of enforcement. Waivers must be expressly stated in writing.



If any provision is invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will continue unaffected. 


Entire Agreement

These terms represent the entire agreement and replace previous informal agreements. Reliance may only be placed on representations in these terms or the Download Confirmation email. 



We may revise these terms when necessary. You are subject to the policies at the time of your order, unless changes are required by law or we notify you before sending the Download Confirmation.


Law and Jurisdiction

English law governs the contract. All disputes will be handled exclusively in English courts.


Additional Policies:


Mentorship allocation


Students have 9 weeks from the date they are assigned a mentor to complete their mentor led module training and progress on to the next part of the course. This forms part of the formal accreditation and if these requirements are not fulfilled within the 9 week timeframe, the student will need to pay a restart fee of £200 for Wedding and Funeral Certification or £150 for Naming Certification. This fee allows the student to enter the mentor allocation pool again and be matched with a new mentor in 7 working days. The student will pick up where they left off in the course modules with their previous mentor. There is no difference in restart fee based on how much progress was previously made. The restart fee covers the administrative costs of re-allocating a new mentor and continuing the training from the last completed module. Please note the new mentor may be different than the original one assigned.


The restart fee will apply each time a student does not complete the mentor led requirements within the 9 week timeframe allocated with their assigned mentor. Students can restart with a new mentor at any point, as long as it is within 12 months of initial course enrollment access. Each time the 9 week mentoring period ends without completion, the restart fee will be charged again to reallocate a new mentor and continue where they left off. This restart fee is applicable for each subsequent 9 week mentor allocation that does not result in fulfilment of accreditation criteria within the mentoring period. Our goal is for every student to successfully become an accredited celebrant within their 12 month course access. Please reach out if you need any assistance getting back on track.


12 month policy for course access.


Course Access Reactivation Policy:


Students have 12 months of access to the certification course materials and resources from the date of initial enrollment. If the course is not completed within the initial 12 month period, students may choose to reactivate their access for an additional 12 months by paying a £200 reactivation fee. This will extend the course end date by another year from the date of reactivation. Reactivation can only be done once the initial access period has expired. Course access may be reactivated at any point after expiration for up to 2 years from the initial enrollment date by paying this fee. If a student does not reactivate their access within 2 years, they will have to re-enroll in the full certification programme again at the current programme price. The reactivation fee covers administrative and materials costs associated with prolonging course access beyond the typical 12 month timeframe. It allows an additional year for students to complete requirements if they were unable to do so initially within the standard access period. Please contact our course manager to discuss reactivating expired course access.