Why Celebrants Are Increasing In Popularity

Before we cover the surging demand for celebrants and why they’re increasing in popularity, let’s discuss what a celebrant is and why they differ to traditional alternatives like a registrar or clergy member.

Okay, so a celebrant is an individual who officiates at a ceremony. This can range from things like weddings and civil partnerships, to funerals and naming ceremonies. As you’re probably aware already, this was a role that was normally carried out by religious leaders, official registrars or officers of the courts. This isn’t to say they don’t anymore, but they are starting to become less common. 

Celebrants are attractive in the modern era of ceremonies as they provide an alternative for families and couples. They are extremely flexible, allowing people to adjust the amount of religious content within the overall celebration or event. This is particularly attractive to atheist families, where prayers and religious segments can be omitted. Instead, a greater focus can be placed on the storytelling, regardless of whether this is a celebration of life, or unifying the bond between two people in love.

I guess this kind of answers the title of the blog. Celebrants are becoming more popular as more people demand flexibility and ease when designing the ceremony they want. Gone are the days of rigid and restrictive barriers. Almost anything can be achieved when you choose the correct celebrant. 

The transition away from formal religious ceremonies is destined to continue, meaning the rise of celebrants will continue to grow alongside this trend. People now realise they have real choice when it comes to designing and executing on a personal event. Celebrants cater to this growing market, embracing diversity and choice.

Interestingly, just 26% of marriages involved a religious ceremony five years ago. In addition, civil ceremonies have continued to outnumber church ceremonies since 1992! This growing trend has slowly led to the development and surge of celebrancy, which is continuing to introduce amazing people into the career each year. Not only are more celebrants entering the market, but amazing venues for celebrant-led weddings are popping up every month. 

Undoubtedly, this trend is going to continue. Whilst more people become interested and intrigued in the limitless potential of celebrant-led ceremonies, the future of this career path looks incredibly bright. 

Are you looking to change your career? Or potentially add some flexibility and fulfilment into your work life? Look no further. The world of celebrancy is awaiting your arrival. The start of your new career is just around the corner. Learn more via our website today.

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