What does a Celebrant do?

Ever wondered what a celebrant does? It’s not all dress up (although that’s one of the perks!) Perhaps you are unsure how you’d run a celebrant business, meet with couples and families and actually officiate the ceremonies themselves?

Intrigued as to how to get started as a celebrant too? In this blog, we will cover what a celebrant does in 5 key points and how this role could work for you!

1. Officiates Ceremonies

Ok so let’s cut to the chase, the main part of the role is of course to officiate ceremonies! Whether a wedding, a funeral, a naming ceremony or something super special and symbolic, as celebrants we get to celebrate life in all it’s glory and make people happy. Even the funeral ceremonies are geared up to celebrate the life of the deceased and share the good times.

A celebrant’s role is to capture the heart of the family or couple and pull this together and officiate a ceremony filled with meaningful content.

Part of the job involves going to some of the most beautiful locations too, dealing with lots of different weather and travel expectations and being wowed by the view at pretty much at each and every ceremony!

2. Writes Ceremonies Scripts

Storytelling is a huge feature of any celebrants role. Writing ceremonies starts from getting to know the couple or family and getting super creative. You don’t need to be an established author or script writer, but just a love for sitting in a quiet space and writing about people’s stories and ideals.

Some scripts can be as short as 10 minutes, some 60 with the majority of ceremony scripts being around 25 minutes. Each ceremony is usually very tailored to the family and to the celebrant too. For example some can be super traditional, and others hilarious and outrageous! The beauty of a celebrant is that every one is unique.

3. Supports families and couples

The best part of the job is how we support families through some of the toughest moments and some of the best moments of their lives.

When conducting a funeral, you are helping families to tell their stories and ultimately through some of their griefing process. You are helping them to celebrate the life of their loved one.

When working with a couple on their wedding, you are preparing for a celebration of their love. Most couples spend many months building up to the day and you’ll role is the gel that brings it all together and gives it meaning.

You’ll become friends with each and every person you work with and will guide them through some of the biggest moments in life.

4. Networks with vendors and dream venues

Styled shoots are an amazing opportunity for celebrants to network with their industry – yes you can even do these in the funeral profession too! You can choose to organise a styled shoot with your dream suppliers or you may be approached to join a concept in motion. By collaborating on shoots which are typically TFP (time for prints), you will be able to tag suppliers across your social media and on your website resulting in more couples and families finding you.

Venues love to host styled shoots but you can also take it upon yourself to arrange a visit even if they already work with a “preferred celebrant.” As celebrants, we’re storytellers and each and everyone of us have a different style. You could approach venues who aren’t actually licensed for ceremonies, because with a Celebrant they have freedom of choice!

Runs their own business and controls their income

As celebrants, we have the ultimate flexibility and are accountable for our own time. Running a business can seem a little daunting to begin with but with The Academy of Modern Celebrancy, one of your modules will include how to run a successful celebrant business.

You’ll be able to plan in consultations with couples and families and you’ll find Celebrancy is very much a lifestyle rather than standard 9am-5pm job, with the most incredible rewards!

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