Meet our students and hear their stories

Read our students stories and put yourself in their shoes

The beauty of celebrancy is that each and every one of us has our own story and background. This makes us different and makes the industry so interesting. This works so well for your clients too!

Meet the Students

Vikki Harris

Starting out completely new to the industry, Vikki was so excited to become part of creating dream weddings ceremonies.

Coming from a background in tourism, Vikki use her skills in marketing to accelerate her business so quickly she secured bookings during the course!

Martin Fox-Roberts

Martin runs his own freelance business as a deaf interpreter and trainer. He considered becoming a masseuse but quickly after discovering celebrancy decided that it was way more him.

After graduating from the Academy, he is looking forward to niching into the LGBTQ community.

Julie Chudleigh

Julie loved weddings and after being asked to officiate a friends, she wanted to learn exactly how to be a celebrant and how to run a successful business doing it.

A former Headteacher, Julie was so inspired by the course she wrote a book and wants to start her own wedding venue!

Dave Octave

As a singer and entertainer Dave had already been to his fair share of weddings. 

He wanted to take part in some of the magical moments the ceremony offered so dived into celebrant training. He's so excited about developing his business and is on a roll!

Sophie Li

Sophie loves to present, she's a teacher and lives in Spain and after having her own celebrant led wedding, just wanted to do the job herself!

Straight after the course, Sophie dived into her bookings and has officiated ceremonies in some of the most stunning venues in Southern Spain.

Colette Johnson

Colette worked in the business development industry and wanted to start a job she would love.

She'd recently found out about how celebrancy has just changed so many lives and knew she'd love to do the same just for her.

It took just a few weeks for Colette to get her first booking and now is officiating ceremonies in stunning locations across the UK.

Ronnie Booth

Ronnie came to the Academy as a Toastmaster. He loved the wedding industry and wanted to add celebrancy to his business.

He's never looked back and now has 2 businesses that give him the work-life balance he desired.

Laura Bell

Laura worked part time for a holiday rental company and is a mum of a gorgeous boy.  She wanted a side business so worked to get her Naming Ceremony Certification.


Olivia Coleman

Olivia spent most of her career working for some top wedding venues in the UK and after becoming a mum, wanted to find a career that suited her and her lifestyle. She left the course with 8 bookings in the diary and most passion and drive than she ever thought possible!

Joanne Lazarus

Joanne is an ex-performer and on the day wedding coordinator and was told by her friends that she'd be a great celebrant! So after doing her research, she dived into training with AMC and has not looked back! Listen to her journey and what she is looking forward to the most!

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