Should I train as a Humanist Celebrant or an Independent Celebrant?

One of the biggest questions you will need to figure out ahead of your training is what type of Celebrant you’d like to be. There are many options but the most popular options are Humanist Celebrants and Independent Celebrants.

Of course, there are many synergies between Humanist Celebrants and Independent Celebrants from the style of writing, ceremony officiation, location (anywhere as long as you gain landowner’s permission!) and, they both provide provide alternatives to a standard registry office ceremony / cremation or a traditional church ceremony.

What do Humanist Celebrants believe?

There is one particular difference that comes with being a Humanist Celebrant. As part of being a member of the Humanist Society, you will need to surrender any faith you have as Humanist Celebrants must offer non-religious ceremonies and typically content. You will be required to be an atheist or agnostic in exchange for ethical and scientific reasoning.

This being said, Humanist ceremonies are able to incorporate religious readings, music or hymns as part of the script content, providing that the Celebrant and the audience do not participate in a “worshipful” manner. By becoming a Humanist Celebrant you will become part of the wider community of Humanists and be able to participate in CPD (continued professional development) too.

What can Independent Celebrants do?

By choosing the Independent Celebrant route you will have mountains of freedom and no restrictions surrounding ceremony content. You can then include whatever the couple or family would like as part of their bespoke ceremony with you. This could be religious, include religious elements or simply and more commonly, be an entire ceremony that’s non-religious.

If you choose to become an Independent Celebrant you will have access to unlimited resources and inspiration to create a the ideal ceremony for your dream couple.

How do I choose?

Both options of Celebrancy will ensure you are trained to deliver the most beautiful and thoughtful ceremonies with support from the community you so choose. And don’t worry – Humanist and Independent Celebrants do live peacefully with each other, there’s no such thing as rivalry here when it’s based upon your core beliefs.

Are you thinking of becoming an Independent Celebrant? Check out our mini quiz here.

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