How to be successful in the wedding celebrant industry

Ok, so you want to be part of one of the biggest industries in the UK? The wedding industry is worth a massive £14billion and growing year on year.

It’s glitzy, it’s boho, it’s formal or it could be just barefoot on the beach, the wedding celebrant industry in particular has no ‘standard’ and that’s what makes it so exciting.

In this blog, Jennifer, our Founder and Chief will reveal how she went from working full time in a job she fell out of love with to officiating weddings across the UK and Europe.

So Jennifer, what are you top tips for making it as a fully booked and much loved wedding celebrant?

Easy. Passion. You need to LOVE what you do and I can tell you there is not one celebrant I’ve ever met that doesn’t love what they do so again, it’s easy! If meeting loved up couples, writing bespoke love stories and officiating ceremonies in the most gorgeous venues in the country isn’t enough for you..getting paid for it definitely tops it right off!

So recognising the benefits of such an amazing career is the first tip I can give to going fully booked.

Secondly, deciding how many bookings you’d like. Not everyone wants to have a wedding every single day, or weekend either. If you set yourself a goal and work towards it, you’ll always have a focus.

What was your favourite moment in your celebrant career?

Every ceremony is unique as are every couple and there hasn’t been one wedding I’ve not enjoyed. FACT.

However, one stand out moment has to be being flown to the vineyards in Portugal, staying in a lavish hotel and being escorted by helicopter to the ceremony site. Yes, helicopter! The sun was setting and the air was warm. The love that Jess and Ryan had for each other filtered across the hills of the wine fields and it was one of those ‘I’ve made it’ moments.

But seriously, any wedding is a highlight. They all make you feel on cloud 9!

wedding celebrant industry

Do you need to be good at marketing to run a celebrant business?

When I trained as a celebrant in 2010, it was a 2 day course that covered no aspect of running a business. I remember leaving my training confused and anxious. I’d just spent a lot of money and now had no clue where to start.

This is why I started the Academy of Modern Celebrancy. I realised there were so many celebrants leaving their training feeling in the same boat. After years of working in marketing, raising multi 6 figures for charities across the globe, creating the Celebrant Directory and running my own digital agency, I know a thing or two about running a successful business, so wanted this to be a big feature of the AMC.

So to answer your question, not at the beginning. You can join the AMC with no marketing experience at all and we will develop this with you. You’ll learn how to start a website, build a brand, find a niche and use social media to sell your services. We do this at your own pace and with all the tools and hand holding required. It’s our speciality.

Where do I start in wedding celebrancy?

When you’ve decided that wedding celebrancy is for you, your first step is deciding on when to start your training. Online training with us make it super easy to fit it in around your lifestyle and means you don’t have to change your usual day to day pattern.

Once you’ve started training you can set your mind to your business set up. You’ll need a business name, a brand look and feel like a logo and colours, a website and then a keen enthusiasm to kick off your marketing. We, at AMC, of course will help you every step of the way. We’ve all been there and know how much support in this area is just priceless.

Here is our guide ‘How to start a wedding celebrant business‘ giving you lots of tools and tricks to kick starting your business and fast.

What would you say to anyone thinking of starting out as a celebrant?

Once you start, you will never look back. It’s the best role in the wedding business, if not as a career anywhere. You get to meet happy couples, write stories for a living, visit unique, lavish, totally boho, modern (all types!) of amazing venues, command a space and welcome loved up couples and get paid for it. Zero stress, pure happiness and joy. Seriously, what is better than that?

To find out more about our Wedding Celebrant Certification, click here.

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Hi, I'm Jennifer, the Founder of the AMC and a massive lover of all things celebration! Are you interested in embarking on a career as a celebrant? Take the Quiz to find out if you have what it takes!

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