Everything you need to be a successful Celebrant

Natural talents and skills are great to have but in this business, nobody does it alone. Great training is the bedrock of any successful Celebrant business. Throughout your training journey and upon graduation you’ll most likely be toying with ideas for branding and how to stand out.

The first thing you need to do is discover your niche. Not sure where to start? Our very own founder and CEO of The Academy of Modern Celebrancy Jennifer Claire is on hand to guide and help you through this process.

What skills do you need as a successful Celebrant?

Public Speaking

This seems an obviously choice, but having the confidence to deliver a ceremony in front of 2 or 200 is a skill you will need to have. Weddings and Funerals are very different types of ceremonies so you’ll need to learn how to tone up and tone down your own emotions for both. Of course, there is no need to worry about being upset during a ceremony, we’re all human however, you will need to control your voice so you can deliver the ceremony and know when it’s appropriate.

You’ll learn the basics of composure as part of one of your Academy of Modern Celebrancy modules which will give you mountains of confidence when you get your first enquiry!

Speech writing 

Having a natural flair for creative writing and being a passionate reader will help you go far in your career as a Celebrant. The only way to do this is practise, practise, practise! As part of your Academy of Modern Celebrancy course you will need to write two scripts as part of one of the modules which will give you a forever guide and structure to follow.

Relationship building

Celebrancy as an industry is very much community over competition. It’s important to reach out to your fellow Celebrant colleagues as you might need them in the future to help with covering ceremonies due to unforeseen circumstances.

It’s also incredibly important to build relationships with other industry suppliers such as wedding planners, venues, funeral directors and your local council.

What marketing skills do you need as a successful Celebrant?

There are so many avenues for marketing. Most couples and families these days will look you up independently so your brand must stand out (remember that niche thing we were talking about earlier – now’s your time to shine!), as well as the content you’re sharing on social media and blogs. It all needs to be relatable to your target market.

Having a website within the wedding industry is essential. Jennifer Claire has worked with hundreds of Celebrants on their branding and websites over the years, so if you’re looking for someone to guide you on this process, she’s your girl!

If you are a funeral Celebrant you will need to build a strong relationship with your local funeral directors who will recommend you by word of mouth (usually taking a commission).

Having business cards handy during ceremonies will also be helpful as most people relate to you as a person and if they enjoy the ceremony and buy into your emotion, they will most likely keep your card on their fridge for future reference.

Styled shoots are a great way of meeting new suppliers and collaborating giving you all additional marketing opportunities and content for blogs and socials.

What tools and resources do you need as successful Celebrant?

A legally binding contract

This is essential to put into place before the client parts with any funds. This protects the both of you highlighting you roles and responsibilities, what’s expected of you, timescales and payment terms.

A professional-looking website 

We touched upon this in the marketing section but it’s so important to have a visual identity and one that couples and families can easily find. WordPress is a great website host and make sure you regularly blog to increase your search ranking and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Stand-out directory listings

Not sure where to start? The Celebrant Directory is the home of glittering ceremony inspiration! It’s also a supportive community and a site that generates hundreds of leads every months. If you’re a Celebrant, you need to have a profile on The Celebrant Directory! You can also make blog submissions for your amazing styled shoots and real weddings all linked back to your profile.

A social media presence

Couples and families are likely to check your social media when they’re looking for a Celebrant. If your social media channels haven’t been updated in a little while, this might actually jeopardise your potential enquiries. Social media is a great tool for networking and organising collaborations, competitions and styled shoots. Video content is the way forward!

Professional quality images 

You just can’t beat high resolution images for blogging, social media, your website, branding suite and stationery. It shows professionalism and will make your life so much easier! Just starting? Why not invest in some personal branding images or get involved in a styled shoot where you will have an entire album of images to use!

Privacy policy & GDPR compliance

Both of these are essential for storing client information or if you’re capturing data online via forms or newsletters.

What things does every successful celebrant have?

A unique brand identity

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again in case it isn’t clear… a niche! There are a lot of Celebrants who write and officiate ceremonies day in, day out so what can you bring to the table that’s different? There is a Celebrant for every client and by being clear with what you offer from the start you’ll go far.

Perhaps you’d just like to focus on outdoor ceremonies and be known as “The Outdoor Celebrant” where you write and officiate ceremonies in natural burial grounds and outdoor wedding venue spaces, gardens, beaches and parks.

Having a clear identity for your brand and offering will help you smash your goals.

A customer experience that delights

From the moment your couple or family discover you, you’ll take them on a journey. First impressions count and they’ll expect professionalism, great communication throughout and enthusiasm/compassion.

Great testimonials

What follows excellent customer service? Fantastic testimonials and reviews of course! By giving your all from beginning to end, your couples and families will love you for it. The Celebrant industry is built on passion for what we do.

A growth mindset

Where do you see your business in 5 years time? What are your own personal goals? Lots of Celebrants start in either in the wedding industry of funeral profession first, then as their confidence grows, they branch into other areas of Celebrancy. Your own personal growth comes into play too not just business. Jennifer Claire offers amazing challenges and coaching throughout the year, so join the Become a Wildly Successful Celebrant Facebook group today and get involved wherever you’re at with your training or business.

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