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"Becoming a celebrant changed my life"
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Readyto change your life? Take charge, and love what you do?

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Have you been thinking about starting a new business and doing a job that brings you and others happiness?


Do you love weddings and are just captivated by the magical moments they create? Perhaps you are excited by being creative and writing love stories are your thing?

Or you love supporting people through tough times and think you'd make a great funeral celebrant?

You don’t want to continue doing a job that doesn’t light you up and you are ready to enjoy a career that brings you joy and happiness everyday. Want to do what you love?

If this sounds like you, then becoming a  celebrant could be the best decision you’ll make this year.

Become a celebrant with our industry leading celebrant training and accreditation.

Bonus - Business Kickstarter Course


Join today and alongside your accreditation, receive (for free)Celebrant Only Business Kickstarter Training Programme

The Only Foundation course for ambitious celebrants ready to start and grow their business. This course teaches you everything you need to kickstart your celebrant business into action.

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AMC Certification in Wedding Celebrancy

£1372 once off
£395 per Month x 4
  • Payment Plan Available

AMC Certification in Funeral Celebrancy

£1372 once off
£395 per Month x 4
  • Payment Plan Available

AMC Certification in Naming Celebrancy

£434 once off
£109 per Month x 4
  • Payment Plan Available

Plus enrol in the ALL Celebrancy package and save an additional 10%!

Sarah Sweeney

'Got my first booking and certificate on the same day'

"Just wanted to share my joy with you all on this lovely sunny day! This is the face of someone who became fully certified for weddings AND got their first confirmed wedding booking, on the same day! Beyond overjoyed! Thank you to the AMC, Jennifer, my INCREDIBLE mentor Alison Ann Celebrant, and everyone else on here; it’s a joy being on this journey with such inspiring (and kind) company. And I’ve just set up my Celebrant Directory profile BRING IT ON!

– Sarah Sweeney, AMC Graduate

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"I have never been more passionate about anything else in my life. "

"I can honestly say that it has been the best learning experience of my life. Having worked in HR  I have been on many courses, but none have impacted or inspired me as much as this one. Apart from teaching you how to become a celebrant I went on a whole personal journey as well. I can honestly say I know myself better now and I am filled with the confidence that this is the right role for me to carry out. I have never been more passionate about anything else in my life. 

– Simone Lee, AMC Graduate

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"By the time I had completed it I already had bookings for ceremonies lined up"

I cannot recommend the Academy of Modern Celebrancy highly enough. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the course, by the time I had completed it I already had bookings for ceremonies lined up and all the tools I needed to be able to deliver them. You can do the course at your own pace, which was perfect for me as I could do it at weekends, and the support not only from Jennifer herself, but through the group calls with other students made me feel like I wasn’t doing it on my own. I am delighted I chose this route for my training.

– Vikki Harris, AMC Graduate

Jennifer Claire

So how does it work and what will life look like as a celebrant?

Hi, I'm Jennifer, CEO of AMC and a celebrant myself for 13 glorious years. Celebrancy changed my life just as much as it has all of the students that have joined this path.

It's a job that gives you something to LOVE. Something that gets you up in the morning and excites you. A passion that gives you the opportunity to support people in their time of need, and celebrate in the others.

I can't think of a profession that gives you all of this and pays you for doing something you love.

A day in the life of a celebrant? There isn't a typical one. You'll be writing ceremony scripts, meeting clients, networking with suppliers and of course, officiating ceremonies. Whether a funeral or a wedding, each giving you a sense of pride and happiness knowing you are making a difference.

One piece of advice? Stop looking and dive in. Not one celebrant will ever tell you they don't love what they do. Looking for a next step in your life where you control what you do and when you do it, where you can't wait to go to work, where work is a happy place..then the time is now.

Why train with AMC

We care about our students and our priority is your success.

The AMC Celebrancy certifications teaches you HOW to be a celebrant, WHAT to do and WHEN, and gives you all the resources you need to establish a business.

It is a step by step course to give you the skills to be a modern celebrant.

AMC partners with the global The Celebrant Directory, the Give Couples Choice Movement and it’s founder is the leading Celebrant Success Coach, each working to promote the profession, support and grow celebrant businesses and dedicating time, money and space to ensuring celebrants get the bookings they deserve.

Plus you get 3 months free advertising in The Celebrant Directory when you become accredited.

celebrant training

Our courses are different.

You not only get access to online video training but 1-2-1 zoom support from the best in the business.

You’re about to have access to:


The most comprehensive video training covering every aspect of celebrancy within your own training hub. You have access to training manuals and assignments that you complete online.


Once enrolled, you’ll be assigned your very own mentor and training. You’ll have access to 1-2-1 live training with them to learn from the best in the business.


You’ll be joining a team of students each week to get your questions answered. We are there to support you all the way.


You can complete this course from the comfort of your own home, it will fit in around you and your lifestyle and you can dip in and out as often as you wish.


You are never left alone when you join AMC. We will hold your hand throughout the whole course and you have access to us 24/7 through our exclusive online community.


Want to watch a celebrant in action before you officiate your first? You absolutely can. You can choose from our list of amazing mentors and take a peek at behind the scenes.


You won’t leave empty handed. You’ll have every piece of documentation you’ll need to establish your business and get those bookings in the door.


The Academy of Modern Celebrancy is recognised across the UK, Europe and US, you’ll have a top rated accreditation that will give you an enviable step up as soon as you start.


You’ll have access to the AMC team every step of the way. You can tap into the team of celebrants that have officiated 1000’s of ceremonies between them. Big or small, no question will go unanswered.

Listen to how becoming a celebrant changed their lives

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Here's what you will learn

WeddingsAMC Wedding Celebrant Certification

  • Defining the role, history and legal aspect of celebrancy in UK, Europe and North America

  • Planning for client meetings, sourcing the correct content, inspiring bookings & understanding content required to write.

  • Writing bespoke ceremony scripts from start to finish, what to include, how to personalise & what each script must have.

  • Symbolic rituals & how to use & add each into a ceremony. This includes understanding diversity and inclusion in ceremony.

  • Full ceremony set up procedures including how to prepare for the event, what to do when you arrive, how to network & how to set up your ceremony space.

  • Officiating the ceremony itself including training on presentation, projection, confidence & posture.

  • Steps to take after the ceremony including how to sign off services, what to do with the couples & how to network with suppliers.

  • All the modern trends in being an AMC celebrant. You'll leave with the confidence to complete a Wedding Celebrant Ceremony in style.

FuneralsAMC Funeral Celebrant Certification

  • Full funeral history, legalities, cultural and social aspects of funerals & how the industry works in modern day.

  • How to work with families in times of grief. How to meet with families and gather the information you need whilst navigating family ties & social aspects.

  • Full consultation run down including after care of families & funeral directors.

  • Understanding diversity & cultural considerations in ceremony with a special focus on celebrant funerals & celebration of life services.

  • Writing a ceremony from stratch. You'll learn how to craft a ceremony using content you've received from a family consultation.

  • What music to include & when, how to include music logistically, what to recommend to families & procedures you need to follow.

  • How to work with loved ones who will perform readings or eulogies. How to craft them & support whether in a crematorium, burial ground or natural space.

  • What to do when you attend the funeral space, how to navigate the world of officiating a service, how to operate the systems & how to respect cultural & tradition funeral rituals.

  • How to look after yourself as a funeral celebrant. Techniques to keep yourself healthy & run your business as a profession in times of difficult situations.

  • Creation of Celebration of Life and Memorial services & how these differ to traditional funerals. How to write them & navigate new ceremony spaces.

NamingAMC Funeral Naming Certification

  • An historial, legal & cultural introduction to Naming Cermonies & other religious celebrations

  • How to meet & work with families to create Naming Ceremonies & what the exact role of a celebrant is.

  • How to run a successful meeting with a family & gather all the details you need in order to create a ceremony.

  • Readings, Poems, Symbolic additions training to give you a whole range of exciting elements to include in ceremonies.

  • How to craft a memorable Naming Ceremony for all ranges of Naming celebrations. What to include, how to include it and when alongside how to display the script to the family.

  • What your role is as a Naming Celebrant & how to define this. How to support the organisation of the event & ensure you have everything you need to run the ceremony.

  • How to present your ceremony including training on presentation, projection, confidence & posture.

  • What you should give to families after the ceremony & how to network on the day with other suppliers.

BusinessBusiness Set Up and Marketing

  • Comprehensive Marketing training including a video training suite of modern techniques simplified for new business owners..

  • How to set up a business from scratch. What you need to do legally, how to organise the business side of being a celebrant.

  • A full strategy for the next 6 months of your business, you'll go away knowing exactly what you need to complete to start & grow your business.

  • All the paperwork you need to kick off your business including client contracts, booking forms & questionnaires.

  • Exclusive 121 training with Jennifer to ensure you have all your business needs & marketing in order tailored to your level of knowledge. *For Wedding & Funeral Certifications Only.

  • Full access to our training opportunities after completion of the course. Entrance to our CEO Club membership with bi-weekly group coaching.

  • 10% discount on our Branding and Website packages that give you the edge & set you up online from Day 1.

  • A 3 month Free Celebrant Directory listing.

Want this feeling?

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AMC Certification in Wedding Celebrancy

£1372 once off
£362 per Month x 4
  • Payment Plan Available

AMC Certification in Funeral Celebrancy

£1372 once off
£362 per Month x 4
  • Payment Plan Available

AMC Certification in Naming Celebrancy

£434 once off
£112 per Month x 4
  • Payment Plan Available

Plus enrol in the ALL Celebrancy package and save an additional 10%!

As an AMC Graduate, you’ll also receive

  • AMC certification and certificate of completion

  • A digital and physical AMC certified badge

  • AMC Full Membership

  • 3 month free listing on The Celebrant Directory

  • 2 month free membership in The Celebrant CEO Club

  • Access to the VAULT – all the paperwork you will need for your business

  • Opportunities to shadow other celebrants

  • Support and mentoring

Join the academy team of celebrants

who excel, impress and craft ceremonies that dreams are made of.


If you love weddings, getting creative, public speaking and taking the lead then this is the perfect course and profession for you. This course will cover everything you need to know to give you the fundamental knowledge of the industry as well as the practical work so you can go out and officiate ceremonies with confidence. This course will take you through every element so even if you are brand new to celebrancy, you will be guided through at your own pace.


"I'm proud that I trained with AMC"

I highly recommend training with the AMC. Jennifer and her team are so helpful and knowledgeable. The course is modern and fresh and the trainers are AMAZING!  I really enjoyed learning at my own pace and found the content brilliant and really well structured. I found it exciting to be learning from someone who has so much proven experience.
I am proud to have trained with the AMC and I cannot wait to get started!

– Sarah, AMC Graduate

become a celebrant and join our success story

"Bookings are coming in daily"

“I love being a celebrant. I'm based in Spain and I'm now a full time celebrant. Bookings come in daily and I LOVE IT!

The course content is brilliant and covers everything you need. My tutor supported me throughout the course with 1-2-1 video calls and unlimited Q&A when I needed it. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for an up to date and complete course on celebrancy. Stop looking and go for it"

– Sophie Li

Sam Jenkins

"Forward Thinking, Modern and Fresh"

Training with the AMC was the best thing I have ever done. The course was all online so you could learn at your own pace, and you have access to so many training materials that were packed with content. The Academy is very forward thinking, modern and fresh and the community you become part of is very supportive and encouraging. You are never left on your own and are assigned a mentor to guide you through the course and give you feedback which is invaluable. I could not recommend the AMC enough!

– Sam Jenkins, AMC Graduate