Becoming a Wedding Celebrant Changed My Life


    For Andrew D. Scott, a tall, bearded, kilt-wearing celebrant, the journey to becoming a wedding celebrant has been nothing short of life-changing. His story is one of passion, dedication, and a desire to bring genuine joy to couples on their special day. With a background in auctions, hosting events, and voiceovers, Andrew’s transition into celebrancy has been seamless and fulfilling. In just two years, he has not only mastered the art of creating heartfelt and personalized ceremonies but has also become an award-winning celebrant, beloved by couples and admired in the wedding industry.

    Why I Became a Wedding Celebrant

    Andrew’s motivation to become a celebrant was sparked by attending a wedding ceremony that left him feeling disheartened. The ceremony felt generic and disconnected from the couple’s unique story. “It was almost a cardboard cutout version and a repeating ceremony,” Andrew recalls.

    Andrew attended a wedding ceremony where the groom was terminally ill. The ceremony was lacklustre and impersonal, almost like a cardboard cutout version with no real connection to the couple. It was a brutal realization for Andrew, and he thought, “I could do better.” This conviction set him on the path to becoming a wedding celebrant, driven by a desire to create ceremonies that are authentic and meaningful.

    This experience drove him to pursue celebrancy, believing that he could offer something better—ceremonies that truly reflect each couple’s love and individuality.

    Becoming an Award-Winning Wedding Celebrant

    Just two years into being a full-time wedding celebrant, Andrew was awarded Best Celebrant at the Scottish Confetti Awards at a glittering ceremony in Glasgow. It’s easy to see why he received this accolade. Andrew’s tailored ceremonies are personal, heartfelt, and packed full of personality and laughs. However, the experience of booking Andrew as your celebrant goes far beyond the ceremony itself.

    Andrew’s process includes inviting couples to an introductory chat over tea and cakes at the beautiful tea rooms below his office. He sends countdown messages to his couples before their big day, ensuring that by the time the wedding comes around, he and his clients are pals for life.

    Andrew D Scott on becoming a wedding Celebrant with AMC
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    6 Weddings in 7 Days & Fully Booked Until 2026

    Before becoming a wedding Celebrant, Andrew ran a hospitality consultancy business, going up and down Britain fixing hotel, restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs, which gave him some great contacts when it came to reaching out to venues.

    Andrew has officiated a staggering 175 wedding ceremonies in the two years since he completed his celebrant training with AMC, and he’s currently booked up until 2026!

    One remarkable week in May, he officiated six weddings in seven days across Scotland, visiting Dunkeld, Edinburgh, Dunbar, Glencoe, Edinburgh (again), and Seamill. Around half of his ceremonies are elopements, and you can often find him conducting handfasting ceremonies in the Scottish Glens in full tartan regalia.

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    Becoming a Social Media Sensation as a Celebrant

    Andrew’s witty and exuberant approach to celebrancy is proving incredibly popular. He has amassed over 4,500 followers on Instagram and has an audience of over 1,600 on Facebook. Andrew regularly posts pictures of himself with his couples on social media, shares videos from the ceremonies, and is brilliant at networking with wedding photographers to get copies of professional photos from the weddings.

    You’ll often see him posing with his trademark rock horn hands. He’s even received a celebrity endorsement from comedian Troy Hawke, which, of course, he shared on his social media.

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    Training with AMC – Andrew’s Testimonial

    In his own words, Andrew reflects on his journey:

    “My name is Andrew D. Scott of Andrew D Scott Celebrant. I trained through the AMC and can honestly not recommend them enough—just phenomenal. Becoming a celebrant has literally been life-changing for me. I spent years and years speaking at auctions, hosting events, doing voiceovers and television, and all of this jazz has led to this beautiful transition into becoming a celebrant. But I could only become a celebrant with the help of the AMC. The main reason I became a celebrant was that I attended a wedding that I thought was lackluster. It was nothing to do with the couple; it was almost a cardboard version and a repeating ceremony. I thought I could do better.

    Imagine meeting couples as strangers and getting to stand there on their wedding day as friends. The training I received through AMC was outstanding. I trained during lockdown, so I had much more time on my hands than most people do today. But you go at the pace you want. You’ve got a mentor, you do online sessions, there are weekly forums, chats, Facebook clips—everything you need. All the tools to become a brilliant celebrant are available to you. The experience itself has just been phenomenal, and I cannot recommend it enough. Highlights for me would be today—today’s my 175th wedding in just under two years.

    If you find who you are, your unique selling point, and if you love people and love entertaining people with their stories, adventures, and love, you will always get there. And know the team of AMC is behind you. Anyone thinking of becoming a celebrant, I cannot recommend it enough. Pick up the phone, send an email, make an inquiry, get in touch with AMC, and start your celebrant journey. They are brilliant.”

    Andrew D. Scott’s journey to becoming an award-winning, highly sought-after celebrant is a testament to his dedication, passion, and unique approach to celebrancy. His story is an inspiration to anyone looking to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

    Find Andrew here: follow him on Facebook or Instagram

    Inspired to Become a Wedding Celebrant?

    If Andrew’s journey has inspired you to explore the rewarding path of becoming a wedding celebrant, look no further than The Academy of Modern Celebrancy. Our industry-leading wedding celebrant training courses provide all the tools, support, and expertise you need to succeed in this fulfilling profession.

    Check out our Wedding Celebrant Training Courses here and start your own celebrant journey today.

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    Jennifer heads up the global Celebrant Industry Awards and the global celebrant summit, Celebrantopia each year!

    A celebrant herself since 2010, she knows what it takes to make it in the industry and trains the best celebrants out there across the UK, Europe and the USA.

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